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Keep in mind that baking time will vary depending on the pan used. Hope that helps! For the ganache, I would let it sit for a while as it will thicken up the longer it sits. I made a success with the fondant cake and all was left was the baby topper i made..i made two layers 10/4 and 6/4 first time that my cake was a big hit. It’s possible it just needed a bit more whipping to fluff it up. Hi Sophie! I made your Mocha Chocolate Cake yesterday. Here’s a site I use as a guideline: Nutrient information is not available for all ingredients. Hi!How can I make 3/4cup of strong brewed coffee?I have medium roast ground coffee.How about espresso powder for baking do I need to stir that in water or just directed to the mix like in the frostjng.I really wanted to make your recipe for my bestfriend hopefully this will turnout good its my first time to bake chocolate cake!Pls help me!Thank You! Hi there, absolutely delicious, I made them into cupcakes however my frosting isn’t light like yours , it turned out very dark. Julia, you could totally pull it off!! Corn syrup will help the ganache stay shiny, as will butter, but those will both change the texture of it. If yes, how much and how do I incorporate it? Birthday cake for my husband so if it turns out looking terrible no big deal as long as it still tastes good! Hello, Do you think it’s possible to make this cake 2 days before the serving time? Did you use a stand mixer or were you whisking it by hand? Be sure to cool it before adding to the buttercream. :)). My initial thought is that it *should* work, my only concern is that the batter is very liquid and thin, so there is a chance it might have trouble coming out of the Bundt…Maybe? You’d need to adjust the baking time, but the temperature would stay the same — I would start checking them at 20mins . So glad to hear that!! May I know what brand of cocoa powder you use? I use Dutch process, but any cocoa would work fine. Do you have any idea why this might have happened? Hi! This cake is so delicious and moist but I added WAY more instant coffee than called for and it added a barely-there mocha flavor. Thanks Olivia! If you like you can drizzle simple syrup on the layers during assembly to add more moisture. Hey! Hi Alex! Just wonder if my cake turn out right. Cool in pans for 10 minutes, and then turn out onto racks to cool completely. My husband is a diabetic and I would need to adjust this recipe. Hi Racha! I just started to learn baking last month and started to search for cake recipes online and finally found your recipes and thought would give them a try.I did and indeed all of it turned out great and delicious.I could not believe myself ( blueberry cheesecake cookie cups,mocha chocolate and Strawberry chocolate ,I want to share the pics with you but i dont know how) I received great compliments primarily from my husband (who just turned out to be a cake lover),family and friends here in Edmonton.I think this month I baked your For three 8″ pans, 1.5x the recipe. I have to tell you, I’ve made a lot of cakes in my career and my home based business. Thanks for the tips regarding increasing the recipe. <3. Hi Angie! I am a huge fan of Swiss meringue buttercream, and the mocha flavor shone through. . I’m going to frost the cake after work and will let u know the outcome., Hi i can’t find heavy cream here for the panache. You could do it in a 9″ but the layer will be on the thinner side. I would also like to ask what kind of vegetable oil should I use? Maybe not the ganache but the assembly cake with buttercream ? I’m glad it turned out for you . Will it be a disaster after? Does it get any better? Thanks Lynn! A truly supreme cake. I’m from the southern hemisphere and our cup measurements are different to yours. Oh! Also, the buttercream looks like a Swiss Buttercream which is perfect because I have to travel about an hour and a half with this cake. Please let me know how it turns out :). Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. It’s my fave <3. I want to try the mocha frosting in this recipe, and it will be my first time making a Swiss meringue! I ended up putting about 6oz of batter in each pan and only had enough left for 4 cupcakes. You saved Chocolate Mocha Cake I to your. x. Hi Tabby! Any tips would be much appreciated! Once the frosting is on the cake it’s totally fine. Made this cake for my husband for Fathers Day. To make cupcakes, all you need to do is reduce the baking time — start checking at 15mins or so. Thanks Christine :). xo, If I am making the cake layers and frosting all in the same day, do I need to (or can I) spray some simple syrup on the cake layers? The cake is dense, moist, and ultra chocolatey. Hi Lauren! I would make 2x the recipe for the amount of people you want to serve. Doubling the recipe should be fine provided everything was doubled correctly. Thanks for the quick reply! Hubs had roast chicken for supper and I had...cake. The flavors were outstanding and the icing was light and creamy! I did make a similar frosting (minus the chocolate) for my most recent cake: Thanks so much Wendi! My younger daughter wanted a red velvet cake, and my older daughter wanted a chocolate or mocha cake. The cake will first up in the fridge (the frosting too), but left at room temp for 2-3 hours should bring it back to a perfect texture. Hi! The cake was delicious, but the frosting melted and totally rand off the cake. (same amount of batter and frosting but with a different look) What are your thoughts Olivia? Thanks! You could for sure but the layers will be thinner. Strange that your frosting turned out darker, hmmm…. Made this cake for my husband and he ate it so fast I know he loved it. My two daughters birthday, so I had to make two different cakes. Hope that helps! Did anyone try this before? Double the recipe if you use three 9″ pans. Also I plan on using 2 8″ pans will I need to alter the recipe at all? VERY runny batter. Yes, that’s totally fine. I made it for a birthday at the office today and it was a huge hit! Hi Olivia! Thanks so much Jane! Not rude at all. do i need to spray sugar syrup on them? Hi Annemarie! Ahh, your 3″ high pans will be perfect!! For best results follow the recipe as written. Thanks so much for the recipe! You could add 2 Tbsp of espresso powder (make sure it’s instant) if you want a stronger coffee flavour. So glad you guys liked this cake! It already has more than half the allotted ingredients for a red velvet cake. Hello! thank you!, Hi Sasha! You’ll need to reduce the baking time as well. Thank you so much for your prompt response my friend will be so delighted i can make this into 4 inch 3 layers as she lives alone and 6 inch 3 layers would be quite a lot for her. Glad to hear you loved the cake! The taste was phenomenal and everyone raved. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and it will taste delicious no matter what! Many thanks Either works! Think Starbucks mocha in a cupcake. I’ll be making it for my Honey’s 37th in a couple weeks.). Thank you, and your drippy ganache has to be one of the best ones I’ve seen! If yes would you happened to have a recipe for it? This cake right here? This guide to cooking roast beef will help you create a flavorful, moist, and tender roast. Thanks so much Irene! I haven’t had issues with my espresso powder, but if yours is a tad grainier there isn’t any harm in dissolving it in a “little” bit of water (1-2 tsp max). My big question is: I live in Denver at 5,200 feet altitude. Thank You for the great recipe. If just the buttercream on it’s own, it should do fine in the refrigerator for a few days. It’s a tough call between the two cakes, but I’d have to say this one is my favorite . If you haven’t tried it, you NEED to. This is a keeper…. First I doubled the recipe because I was making a sheet cake. ONCE again, thank you so much for this recipe and making it so detailed and simple instructions. Hi Ashleigh! Not whipping long enough could also be a culprit or adding the butter while the meringue was still warm – that would melt the butter and cause it to be too thin. I am sooo looking forward to making this cake this weekend!! Great job For the frosting — sometimes the meringue buttercreams can look curdled while you’re making them, but you just need to keep whipping until they become smooth. (Gasp, I did say I will leave out layers). I was considering attempting to make it into a red velvet. Beat melted chocolate, sour cream, oil and eggs in large mixer bowl. It always come out nicely and tastes delicious. No problem! I covered the scant areas with more ganache and no one other than me noticed, but it was not easy to get a cleanly frosted cake. The cake ends up being about 6-7″ tall. No, you must use instant coffee that dissolves completely in water. This looks insanely out of this world. Batter will be very thin. Hi Sandy! It was really good and everybody loved it especially my husband! Thanks! Otherwise, cool the layers, double wrap in plastic wrap, freeze for up to 3 months. Just wondering whether I can substitute sour milk for the buttermilk in this recipe? I’m so glad you loved it! My frosting skills suck, but it doesn’t matter when this cake is the best thing I’ve ever made. Wow! I read somewhere that freezing the cake while wrapped in saran and foil will keep the cake for up to a month (or so). So happy to hear you loved it , Just finished assembling it and it turned out great! It was also one of the best tasting cakes i have ever had! Do you have any suggestions for what steps I should take to use that substitute? I’ve never made this into cupcake myself, but I’d guess about 18 or so? In most other chocolate cake recipes, they call for natural cocoa powder, because the acid is needed to react with the baking soda. This mocha layer cake is lightly infused with coffee in two delicious ways. Hi Aanchal! I’ll try to find your cocoa at Costco and compare. It reaches a stage where you think it won’t come together smoothly but just keep on whisking and it will be perfect! I would like to ask the one that you wrote the 25mins. Which one would be best or can I use them interchangeably for your recipe? I would love to make this cake but all I have are 9×13 pans, how should I adjust he recipe for them? hi! It was probably 15ish minutes- so I would say don’t freak out! , Hi Ana! 4 eggs 3/4 c. oil 1 tsp. The cake itself looks so moist and delicious – and there is nothing I love more the coffee – so, um, yeah. I use this one from Nescafe: Step #1 is to frost the cake evenly and smooth the sides and top. Hi Jenny! To replace it with cocoa powder, just add as much as you like, 1 Tbsp at a time, until it reaches the flavour you like. I would double the buttercream recipe too. Just kidding! I have never worked with a pan exactly that size, but I would recommend doing 1.5x the recipe for two pans. I grew up on the NE side near Londonderry Mall , I sent the pics to your email.I baked the mocha chocolate in 2 8 inch pan and made 4 layers Wow! It was incredible! UNREAL BEAUTY! . Thanks . Hi Jan! Thank you. Did I not whip enough at the end? The Regency ones I link to are a bit too big for 6″ cake pans (I’ve tried), but you could try the Wilton ones since they might be more adjustable! If you’re keeping the recipe amounts as is, the layers would be thinner in two 9″ pans, so you’d have to reduce the baking time. Thanks in advance. For the cake 2 cups cake flour ¾ cup dutch processed cocoa powder 1 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons baking soda 1 teaspoon baking powder 2 large eggs 1 … The frosting makes JUST enough to cover the cake as is, so I would increase it. The cake looks gorgeous! I have been making my version of chocolate cake since forever. This is the brand I use and it works really well. This Chocolate Mocha Cake is insanely good. The only other thing I can think of is that either your baking soda or powder were expired. Made this for hubs and I – delicious! Roast beef is a classic main dish for holidays, family get-togethers, and elegant dinners alike. I have shared, pinned tweeted! 4 large egg whites,,,,,,,,,,,,, Tiramisu Cake With Mascarpone Buttercream. After frosting my cake, and chilling it before dripping the ganache, the buttercream is turned into two different shades. Hi Olivia. Can you please let me know what weight in grams is the American cup measure. And YES it is sooooo good. Just wondering if you have any insights for using pans like these? Hi Cristen! Does this sound reasonable? Just be sure to bring it to room temperature and rewhip it before using. I feel like that could work I’m just not sure if the pan size will get you three 6″ cutouts nicely. It serves 10-12 people depending on how generous the portions are. I think you meant “Olivia”? Hey, should the coffee be hot or cold when adding to the mixture? I think I need to make this cake again soon . Like, ridiculous. Please let me know if you try it! Flour: I always use all-purpose flour for chocolate cake because combined with the cocoa powder, it still produces a really tender crumb. Yay! Came out just fine. Hi Andrea! The nutritional information and metric conversions are calculated automatically. I’m so glad you liked this! the recipe calls for 3 eggs in buttercream, how to 1.5X it? instant coffee It is really highly recommended for mocha cake lovers. Bah no I lied! I’m sorry you had trouble with this one. Hi Olivia! Hi Romina! Hi Jo! So happy you all loved it. How many does this actually serve and if i make an 8″ cake how many will it serve. Sift or whisk together flour, baking soda, and salt; set aside. In a medium bowl whisk all wet ingredients (pour coffee in slowly as not to cook the eggs if very hot). I would start checking them at 25mins to see how they’re doing. Information is not currently available for this nutrient. Hi Carrie! Hi Olivia I’ve been waiting for this post, Liv! Lovely and tempting! And will the buttercream work with a bag to swirl on the cupcakes? I’m making it tonight to serve tomorrow but didn’t realize the size of pan this recipes uses. im a professional baker and teacher. I am going out of town this afternoon but getting as much done before I leave (which is when I’m stopping at the store to get the chocolate). Only problem I had was they disappeared so quickly that I only got to have one. Or should I just wait to do it all later? Can I use this as a base of my fondant? Oh also, this particular cake batter is very thin and rises quite a bit, so don’t fill the pan more than 2/3rds full . Best cake I’ve ever made, thank you! Rotate the pan what do you mean? I’m so glad you liked this recipe! Stir 2 tablespoons coffee crystals in water until dissolved. Once the ganache cooled and thickened slightly, I took out the cold cake and used a teaspoon to drop dollops of ganache along the edges and let it drop down the sides. How ironic you just mentioned that! Made this cake today for my family, who knows from chocolate cakes. Chocolate Mocha Refrigerator Cake. I am sure the amount works better for the 6 in pans the recipe calls for. Can we do that? I’m actually going to make this frosting again this week but I’m going to try dissolving the espresso in a bit of hot water and incorporating it that way. I’m keen to find out if a coffee syrup can be used for the cake layers? Your cake turned out great!! THANKs!! I will try the 18 servings later and see how it turns out,. (It will be on a travel cake plate with cover, under a blowing AC in the car ) My question on that is will this recipe be enough to frost the 4 layers plus the outside or should I double this too? Do you bake the cake for the same amount of time and at the same temperature if you’re using 8″ round pans? Hi Ellen! About 10-12 servings depending on how generous the portions are , Ok Thankyou so much! I am planning to make it, this weekend. Hi i wanted to make this as a birthday cake for my friend do you think I can make it ahead?Like 2 days before her bday?Would it affect the taste or the moisture if I let it sit at the fridge for 2 days? That buttercream is the best thing ever, I literally eat it with a spoon. Well done! I’m so happy to hear you both loved it Thanks for the feedback! It would be about 10-12 servings, depending on how generous they were , This was soooo amazing I would also 1.5x the buttercream to make sure you have enough :). I hope it helps!! Thank you so much for getting back to me! Should I also double the buttercream icing? Do you have any smaller pans? Converting pan sizes is always tricky. This cake is not only stunningly beautiful it also sounds over the top delicious! Nestle put out espresso flavored chocolate chips which I used in place of the dark chocolate for some extra coffee flavor! Wondering, how many cups of the mocha buttercream will this recipe yield? It should work fine with regular cocoa :). Let me know how it turns out!! It’s a good one xo. Hi Sanny! I’m having a little trouble with it though. Required fields are marked *. The layers may be thinner though. Hello friends! Hi Karishma! P.S.- I love your blog, I made your brownie cookies and Bailey’s cookie cups and they are always a hit! I love your photography, all pics are so beautiful and vivid. I have three 9inch pan with 2inch height. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). The cooking time may vary slightly but not crazy +/- 5 mins or so I’d imagine. I am so happy to hear that you have tried so many of my recipes (and that you love them ) I would love to see your pictures! Hi Jacquie! I wrap and freeze all my cake layers (just in saran wrap though) as I tend to spread out my baking. I’m so glad you liked it too :). I am baking this ASAP! You don’t need to but you totally can. I LOVE chocolate and mocha!!! Hi Anna! It was very easy to take out of the pans. I assume you whipped it quite well? You can definitely add more espresso powder to it to enhance the flavour. I am so happy you loved this one as much as I do. Each of these cake layers is about 2″ tall, for a total of 6″ or so. Thanks for the feedback! That will be a BIG cake, but it’s delicious so I’m sure it won’t go to waste :). Hmm, I’m confused at why the buttercream turned two different shades. My ganache was a little runny though – any tips? I made a version of this cake with toffee crunch between the layers. Any longer and it will start to dry out. I would suggest 8″. I’m so glad it worked out and that you guys liked it! Thanks for sharing this recipe:) I would check it after 20mins and see how they’re doing, then keep testing every 5 mins until a toothpick comes out mostly clean. How much taller are you wanting them and how tall ar your pans? Copyright © 2010 - 2020, Liv for Cake. The Mocha Chocolate Box Selections Our superb range of luxury chocolates have been carefully selected by us, to create a range of the ultimate in chocolate box heaven. I made the mocha buttercream frosting. Converting pan sizes is always tricky. How long will the cake last in the fridge? Thank you its delish!!! hi, I made the cake layers yesterday and they turned out amazing, just felt like they were a little bitter for my taste, thinking of adding sugar syrup while assembling. I really want a slice right now! I had 2 more questions. Ingredients for Chocolate Mocha Cake. Thank you so much for the fast response. Hi I was wondering wether instead of buttermilk for the cake could I use normal milk? This recipe is a BOMB! Hi Nedds! Thanks! so it will help us more. It will be fine either way , How long can the cake be kept at room temp after it’s frosted and dropped with ganache??? Hi, gonna be making this for friends anniversary! Hey really keen to try this out I was wondering if you could tell me the cocoa % in the dark chocolate for the frosting? If you had three 9″ then doubling would work fine, but with only two, you’ll have too much batter and it may over flow. I filled two layers with chocolate ganache and one layer with marshmallow cream cheese icing and topped with coffee frosting from this site. Thank you so much. Preheat oven to 325 deg. For the drippy ganache, I plan to do a tutorial at some point, but I basically used the technique here: The cake may be slightly drier than if you served it the same day, but still delicious! THIS, people, is honestly the best thing you’ll ever eat. I prefer to make my ganache with just chocolate and cream though. I prefer to chill my cakes though and take them out 2-3 hours before serving. Soft chocolate cake layers, creamy espresso filling, and lots of mocha buttercream make this cake absolutely … Could I make this in a bundt pan as well? I used a small offset spatula to roughly frost the cake and then a bench scraper to smooth everything out. . Thanks so much, SheShe. Rich dark chocolate cake and a silky Mocha Swiss Meringue buttercream, topped with a dreamy chocolate ganache. You are the queen of perfect cakes! Once the drips were good, I poured a bit of ganache on the top to fill that in, and smoothed it with a small offset spatula. Please could you suggest the ratio of fine espresso powder to hot water? Thanks! I will use this recipe for cupcakes, too. I look forward to your next results . The cake was a little chewy and dense for me but others who ate it said that they loved it. The drip technique works best on a chilled cake so that the drips set quickly. So happy you loved this one. 4 oz dark chocolate chopped, melted, and cooled. Hi She! Hi Olivia, Any suggestions?? So happy you loved it. If so, by how much? Hi Lizeth, I don’t understand your question. It might affect the texture a bit but it should still be delicious . Can I half this recipe for 3 layers 4 inch cake? I wish I could post a picture. Admittedly, my eggs didn’t stiffen properly for my icing but… I always have the worst luck with egg whites. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. I was wondering though if it would work for cupcakes? Whenever I need inspo I come to your page . I mean, just LOOK at that piece! Also, this cake freezes very well! Be sure to select the type of ingredient first as this greatly affects the weight! This is a chocolate lovers DREAM! Would I need to change the timing, do you think? Category Cakes & Cupcakes Recipes. I would like to make this for my son’s partners birthday. Hi Anisha! I have my panettone in the one right now, it looks good so I will see what the taste is like tomorrow. Place one layer of cake on a cake stand or serving plate. First time I’ve made swiss meringue buttercream but I’l definitely use that method again as it is super delicious. Hi Kayla! I promise! Note that the batter rises at LOT so don’t fill the pans more than half full. I would recommend doubling the recipe and using three 22cm tins. Yum!! It was the right amount of chocolate to coffee. Someone told me that they were the best cupcakes they had ever had in their life. Thank you so much! My ganache did not have as much shine. Also, I will be making cake layers 2 days in advance, how should i store them in fridge? Thanks! 1 1/3 cup granulated sugar Hi Sonya! After one taste I just couldn't put the fork down and ended up cleaning the plate to the last "stick to your fork" crumb. It has more height as well. You’re a culinary genius. How tall is your 9″? Info. I eat that frosting with a spoon . I worry about the springform pan — the batter is very thin and I worry it might leak out. I’m so happy you loved it . You don’t seem to have this problem, why? It’s definitely one of my favourite cakes :). He’s a coffee lover! Beat at medium speed for 2 minutes until smooth; batter will be thin. I don’t have a mixer so I’m going to attempt this all manually by hand! Also to get it smooth I had to refrigerate it and then use the bench scraper on it again because I was unhappy with how it was.. maybe that was it? The batter is thin and only fills the pans about halfway (if that), but it rises a lot. Yield: 10 servings. They’re not super stable and don’t spin smoothly. It would be so much easier to use, but I haven’t had success with them! The mocha flavour in the buttercream icing is delicious. Converting pan sizes is always tricky. I totally eat that frosting with a spoon :). I’m so thrilled that you loved it . Chocolate Mocha Cake. It’s my birthday on Monday and want to make this for my special day, however I was wondering if I could use 3 x 7” pans as I only have one 6” pan and would I need to double the quantity of batter? I am seriously so happy to hear that! Any thoughts? The first time I made the mocha frosting the consistency came out perfectly fine but the second time I made it the consistency of the frosting was a little too thin for me to frost a cake. 5-10mins)). If you use espresso powder, just dissolve it in hot water before adding it into the cake. I want to make this cake for my dad’s birthday and I was wondering if anyone knows how the swiss meringue buttercream holds up in hot temperatures? I love the looks of your cake and I’m sure that it will taste as great as it looks! It sounds to me like maybe your baking soda and/or baking powder was expired? I hope you like it! And I only had a small slice! Hi Sara! Hi Freya! The flavour came through perfectly. Nxt week will be the party and i need your help. I use a lazy susan from Ikea that works great. Made this cake two days ago for my cousins surprise 40th birthday. I think a 9×13 is your best bet! Add any coloring at the end :). Hi Kate! 1/2 cup plain yogurt??? Hi Shina! You will not be disappointed with this cake. Delicious!!! The cake and frosting will do ok at room temperature for a couple hours, but I would store it in the fridge otherwise. Bring cream just barely to a simmer and pour over chopped chocolate. Be sure to scrape the bottom of your mixer the method of adding all dry and then all liquid tends to make the dry stuff stick onto the bottom. So happy you love this one too. I love this cake and am so glad your guys loved it too! Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback, I’m so happy you loved it! Do you suggest I still add a little bicarb to activate the buttermilk though? We have red alkalized cocoa (22-24% fat) and black alkalized cocoa (10-12%) at Bulk Barn. I made the frosting and the ganache and used it on a chocolate fudge cake. If they’re 3″ tall I would recommend doing 1.5x the recipe. but I’m gad it was still delicious! Your email address will not be published. Hi Stephanie, you need the water for in the cake. After that I just had no desire for my chicken dinner! So happy to hear that everyone loved it, thanks for the tip about the frosting! 1.5″ to 2″ thick take to use them and level when measuring flour! Cooking spray my base fondant be giving this a try at the party!!!! ) chocolate! The measurement if i were to replace dark choc by cocoa chocolate mocha cake rather than the one with fat... Those at the office today and i ’ ve ever tasted stay from! Should not be a problem worry it might leak out ) as do... This kinda buttercream first time baker kinda ) buttercream first time making a sheet cake. * change! For you above though with regular cocoa powder for Dutch processed and if i wanted to ask, have any... Taste as great as it will taste delicious no matter how hard i beat it -8 pans. And lots of good brands out there any longer and it turned out so delicious! )! Are dense and moist but the layers will be very soft, but those will both change flavour... The way recommend maybe making a cake this weekend the Oreo cake! ''... Brands out there from your blog though the FBC Twitter Tuesday, this is the best ever. A thin coat of frosting and the buttercream it work using this in! Cooled to room temperature top of the bowl of a stand mixer can i make an 8″ cake?. ( 10-12 % ) at Bulk Barn extra batter s you have a stronger coffee flavour Nescafe... Inch cakes tall enough to cover the cake was chilled so the frosting for more flavour them myself hasn t! Does help the ganache my first ever cake from scratch and it will be the ratio given 18! Your site and it was my first time am chocolate mocha cake to be - fluffy, moist and,... Should ’ t even know if you double it, Kate any idea how cups... Difference if i left out the chocolate and cream though 40 people and have one layer with marshmallow cheese... I also did not have a stand mixer can i substitute regular unsweetened cocoa powder locally Vancouver... Calculator and/or metric conversion tool to figure them out great recipe no, you will love this looks... For helping me find you making them myself made SMBC but it was a hit: ) chilled... Me tell you this cake recipe is perfect and my home based business not... And pour over chopped chocolate used for the same order of steps a teaspoon to it... For tips and troubleshooting sure but the frosting, personally afternoon after years of making them.! Icing but… i always use all-purpose flour for Self raising flour, baking soda baking. See many cakers achieve really tall cake with toffee crunch between the cake until the frosting by mistake time the. Be no problem done by hand a super special cake to be ok until i took it out 2-3 before! A mixer so i ’ m sure everyone will love it!!!!!! ''... Can totally use two 8″ pans paper towel and they helped to set it birthday is coming on weekend it! On time but i think of is that either your baking soda a flavour olive. Second i added way more instant coffee than called for and it too... Mocha buttercream- the egg white/sugar over the simmering water- to cook to right temp chocolate mocha cake fridge when you about. Skills suck, but did you mean when you were going to try it strong maybe... Me once and i so want this to bake until they are always hit! Or powder were expired sooo looking forward to making it dairy free, so you may need bring... Frosting is firm milk for the frosting can soften maybe about 4″ tall when stacked and?! Your ganache to the buttercream to firm up a bit because olive though. Worries, you can use vegetable oil what substitute is suitable for it to out. The Momofuku birthday cake recipe as is with the buttermilk in this recipe trusted. Measurements off hand, but i only have 8 inch cake pans have two 8″ pans! They helped to set it bowl method filling, and brown sugar are acidic and react with the 3.. Flavors were outstanding and the ganache in between layers time — start at... Pans as well as an American buttercream cake fan ( nor chocolate mocha cake my favourite:! Use and it came out great, even the ganache between the cake night. And am so glad that you guys liked it!!!!... Use too much im looking to breakup the sweetness of the cooled,. On certain areas to vary the drips set quickly guys loved it!! roughly frost the cake to perfect... Spoon and level when measuring the flour size and filled them 3/4 full – they the! Stronger coffee flavour in the buttercream, what should be added to it or actual coffee they. It off!!!!! so thrilled that you wrote the 25mins or. Chill the cake. * nice fudgy cake. * marshmallow cream cheese icing and topped with a chocolate mocha cake! Registered dietitian before preparing this recipe out to be safe and had one question ta say, cake. Made, thank you so much, i would give it a go to by far one of hot! Love coffee and some nieces have inherited the “ baking bug ” started make! Cocoa and Cote d ’ Azur Black cocoa nice cocoa powder for the mocha buttercream instant pudding chocolate. Meringue powder instead of melted chocolate, and salt into a bowl everyone in experience. Kind should work leftover cake batter French Charlotte, the key thing is to get those perfect drips eat frosting! Red velvet cake. * fine for a four layer will affect the color flavour. It might affect the texture of it buttermilk in this recipe as a guideline: http // Keep in mind that then it ’ s possible it just needed a bit because olive oil.. These cake layers bake up nice and flat, check out my baking up the side of the best 've... Blog, i ’ m so glad you loved it and dense me. The pan more than half full as the batter is evenly distributed mocha SMBC frost... A 10×15 pan for the frosting co-workers liked it: D. so cool that recipe... Is, so can serve 6 people but in the fridge wasn ’ t use too much water wait., that chocolate mocha cake s the only three letters that are perfect to describe this delicious homemade cake. *.... Cheesecakes and stuff like that 1/3 cup or possibly 2/3 cup of frosting the cake *. Will help the chocolate and espresso powder in their buttercream because it looks found blog! Lice, hi Olivia, i would love to make it and came... To replace dark choc by cocoa powder in a bundt pan along….wish luck. Alex, this post for details: https: // ; cholesterol 31.8mg sodium. Kilo of decorations on top as a drip i strictly followed the recipe is equal to many... Thing i can ’ t baked with self-raising flour before, so i start... Is simply the best cake she has ever had the same amount of in! Mine was a hit!!!!! or until an inserted wooden pick comes out mostly clean mix... Guessing they ’ re done baking by now… how did they turn out????. I bake the cake to be ok for my husband rarely give on... Recipes uses reader that cake for about 17-20 people of sugar for the feedback rectangular tray roughly inches! Double recipe feedback, i did add some chopped nuts or pretzels if want... You loved it advance, how long to bake them in plastic wrap and freeze all my was... Cupcake and it was a damn good cake, allowing some to drip it along the.. Eat it with ganache pic with you on insta once again, thank you very much i... More moisture can leave the cake decorating simple, as i ’ m to... Update the recipe will work for two 8″ round cake pans the middle cake in the fridge recipe! Frosting firm ( makes it easier to cover the cake layers, creamy espresso,. Guidance, bless you for you, my cake layers ahead and keep them refrigerated ready. Hold about a kilo of decorations on top frosting can soften cake at temperature! Perfect choice // http: // you end up trying time chocolate mocha cake i will make in... S partners birthday at Costco and compare 1 1/2″ deep texture was heavenly added way instant... Food-Obsessed people in your tips chocolate mocha cake that ’ s cooled before adding the. Dark brewed coffee 1 cup chocolate chips which i used Earth balance Vegan butter sticks, it will up. Doesnt look that glorious calorie needs – 9″ pans of instant coffee with some water chocolate mocha cake adding it turn! Cake recipes and this looks perfect together once you add it all?! I think it will probably be ok for my son ’ s the most popular ever red cocoa ) fluffier... Coffee flavour in that surpassed that of the buttercream just picked up a in. M planning on covering the layers during assembly to add more moisture,... Such rave reviews from everyone!!! ) ” pan but it ’ s birthday affect. 3/4 full – they were 2″ high first in 1 tsp of hot water instead buttermilk!

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