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As such, he accompanied her to Zaheer's prison, where she faced the airbender by herself, hoping it would give her peace of mind. Mako agreed with that assessment and used it as reasoning to take Toza's offer for a chance at a more honest life. Mako replied that he was outmatched, as he and Bolin had defeated his men at the portal, causing Bolin to remark that he was dealing with Team Avatar now. The reunion is cut short when the Air Nomads are attacked by Triple Threats at the Spirit Portal. He can also fire it with considerable aim, being able to hit speeding targets and controlling the charge of it to merely stun targets. 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[13] He, along with Asami and Bolin, were later freed by Lin Beifong after Tarrlok kidnapped Korra. Bolin realized that doing so could cost Mako his life and raised serious reservations. Mako apologized to Lin, and she said it was alright, Tokuga had simply been one step ahead of them. Tokuga mentioned that their team was missing a member, causing Korra to spring into a rage and yelled at Tokuga to reveal Asami's location. Mako zeigte … Promising to get out as soon as he could, he fired a continuous bolt of lightning, causing the power core to overload and explode. Mako and Bolin as co-leads made his list, with the reviewer commenting that "the funny awkward brother and the more serious brooding bro" would make "sitcom magic". However, with Korra's help, Mako was able to rescue his brother before Amon reached him. [19] In his subsequent reunion with Korra, who through an encounter with an evil spirit forgot she broke up with Mako, Korra kissed Mako in front of Asami, Bolin, Tenzin, Lin, Bumi and Kya. They reach the boat and wave bye to Tenzin and his family. While he consoled her, Mako was surprised when Asami kissed him. Mako found Wu to be extremely annoying to … He listened to Wu's suggestion for Team Avatar to come to Gaoling to stand up to Commander Guan's Earth Empire holdout. With Suyin's help, however, Mako and the others were given a jeep so they could continue to track Aiwei down outside the city. When the businesswoman revealed that she had been worried when Korra informed her that she could no longer go into the Avatar State, Mako asked when Korra had told her that. Nickelodeon. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Korra did not show up when she was scheduled to arrive back at Republic City after three years of absence, he was left to wonder where the Avatar could be. History of Mako (171 AG - Harmonic Convergence), bombing of the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center, The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South, The Legend of Korra—The Art of the Animated Series, Book One: Air, The Legend of Korra: 'Republic City Hustle, The Legend of Korra Press Site - Character descriptions, Main graphic novel characters (Legend of Korra), Private in the military of the Earth Empire. [21], Season Three saw Mako accompanying the rest of Team Avatar, Tenzin and Bumi to the Earth Kingdom in their efforts to recruit new airbenders to recreate the Air Nation. This was particularly evident when he threatened an Equalist by raising a flaming fist when seeking information regarding Korra's whereabouts. Once Mako revealed Korra's plans to ask the United Forces fleet to help the Southern Water Tribe in their civil war with their northern counterparts to the president, Mako and Korra's romantic relationship abruptly ended in a bitter argument. took me forever to make this. Mako warned Bolin that Pabu's food would come out of half of his money. The brothers were eventually cornered by Shady Shin and two other gangsters and forced into the defensive until Toza helped bring the fight to a standstill and Zolt eventually broke it off completely. Team Avatar then proceeded to track down the Creeping Crystal's hideout, where they formed an alliance with Jargala to take down Tokuga. After she broke with Tenzin and started her spiritual training under Unalaq,[4] Mako accompanied her on her journey toward the South Pole, where she opened the Southern spirit portal. The Legend of Korra. Please Read that before this. Gialoush wrote: I don't know how she died but I know when she died. Skoochy mentioned that last he had heard the Triple Threats were in an abandoned warehouse by the docks but ran away saying that the two had not heard it from him. As a police officer, Mako uses a motorcycle as his vehicle of choice, displaying great skill with maneuvering it over slick terrain and even incorporating his firebending as a booster to extend the distance of his jumps and to stabilize after a near crash. Before the women could say anything, however, Jinora's spiritual projection appeared to warn Team Avatar about the ongoing attack of the Triple Threat Triad on the spirit portal. Mako and Bolin were created in part to highlight the radical changes that had occurred in the seventy years since the end of the war, specifically the ethnic diversity and blending of cultures of the various nations in the United Republic. As they neared their destination, Mako voiced his suspicion that Tokuga was holed up with an abandoned Earthen Fire Refinery, given that it was large enough to house a few stolen airships. Returning to the city, they reported on Kuvira's progress, and Mako witnessed in shock how Kuvira destroyed the United Forces battleships in a matter of seconds, before blowing up the factory they were all hiding in. Facing the four criminals with Zaofu's guard and the rest of Team Avatar, he managed to surround the foursome, only for Ghazan to separate the groups with a pool of lava. Mako is the second known person to use both lightning generation and lightning redirection, the first being Iroh, and the third is Azula. [39] Spending several days at the city, Mako was alerted by Bolin one night that Korra was being kidnapped by the Red Lotus. Before he could proceed in his investigation, incriminating evidence concerning the bombing of the Southern Water Tribe center was found in his apartment. While he did not waste time to attack a fleeing triad member with his firebending, he chided Bolin for being distracted with shouting catchphrases as opposed to taking down the triads. [1], Although he never forgot his roots on the street, Mako lost some of his hard-edge and became more considerate of others over time, as well as more emotionally forthcoming, as evidenced when he gave his treasured scarf to his grandmother, Yin, reasoning that she needed the reminder of her son more than him. Reviewer Alex Cranz described the situation as "soapiness usually reserved for shows about women banging vampires". He is a firebender from a multicultural family who grew up on the streets of Republic City as an orphan with his younger brother, Bolin. As previously noted, Mako and Bolin were orphaned at a very young age, and as such, Mako essentially raised Bolin by himself. When Korra traveled to the South Pole to receive treatment from Katara, Mako accompanied her confessing his love for her while there. Please help improve this article by editing it. [30] Later, Mako reunited with Korra, who he had not seen in three years, and Asami. Mako demanded Tokuga release Keum immediately, to which Tokuga questioned why he would take such an action, as he had the advantage. Some time later, Mako attended Varrick and Zhu Li's wedding and learned of Wu's plan to abolish the monarchy in favor of democratically governed individual states. His aspirations changed, however, when he met Avatar Korra, who joined the team to replace Hasook and became a loyal friend. This article is about Mako and Bolin's grandmother. Bolin and Mako came to the conclusion that Tokuga had been involved in his disappearance and left. As the two walked away from Ping's cell, Mako remarked that Bolin had displayed some good thinking, and would make a fine cop one day, to which Bolin responded that he had learned from the best. As Korra traveled south to attend the Glacier Spirits Festival, he accompanied his girlfriend, though as tensions rose between Korra and her father, Mako found that being the Avatar's boyfriend was not always that easy. [10] He is able to generate it from either hand quickly with little charging time and no arm movement and is also capable of maintaining the bolt for several seconds. The Lost Scrolls: Fire, page 159 of The Lost Scrolls Collection. They headed down the stairs, and Lin kicked the door open; however, they realized the people were dummies, and Mako ripped his cast off and yelled at everybody to leave. Mako was born the son of an Earth Kingdom man named San and Naoki,[7] a Fire Nation woman,[8] two years before Bolin. Mako asked her if a man fitting Tokuga's description was there, which Jinora confirmed. (October 4, 2013). [3][4], Mako and Bolin live in Republic City a “modern metropolis” in the United Republic. Additionally, he is the only person to do so in, Mako has used lightning generation in the finale of each book of, Mako is the only core member of Team Avatar who remained single at the end of the series. Mako is also shown to be quite level-headed in dire situations and has quick thinking, which was exhibited when he came up with a plan to save his brother from the Equalists during Amon's revelation. While under the control of Amon's bloodbending, Mako was able to move his body slightly better than others caught under this technique and managed to aim a bolt of lightning at Amon, something that took the masked man by surprise. He is voiced by David Faustino. Hedrick, Tim (writer) & Heck, Colin (director). He is the first bender shown to stop Amon from taking someone's bending away. As Team Avatar made their way over to the portal on a flying bison, Mako informed the others that Tokuga was the Triple Threats' new leader and tried to contact the rest of the police force for assistance. When the two women emerged from the portal and a handcuffed Kuvira was escorted away, Mako joined in a group hug to rejoice with Korra, with the rest of Team Avatar soon joining in. According to the creators, the United Republic was founded by Aang and Zuko after the Hundred Year War as a place where benders and non-Benders from all four Kingdoms could live in harmony. He has considerable raw strength, as he could effortlessly launch an Equalist agent a great distance, casually carry Bolin over his shoulder or Korra in his arms, and hoist an Equalist into the air with one hand. [2] In the following months, Mako joined the Republic City Police Force, where he steadily rose in rank from a beat cop to a detective. The foursome retreated into the tunnel system of the city, where they would await the arrival of reinforcements in the form of General Iroh and his United Forces. Movie release might be in the cards",, Fictional Lóng Xíng Mó Qiáo practitioners, Fictional characters with fire or heat abilities, Fictional characters with electric or magnetic abilities, Articles using Infobox character with multiple unlabeled fields, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 December 2020, at 19:23. It explores the history of Mako and Bolin, who find themselves orphaned after the death of their parents, San and Naoki, and living on the street.The two boys must do what they can to survive on the streets of Republic City, even if that means swindling and theft. However, after General Iroh too proved to be no match for the Equalists machines, Mako set out with Korra to confront Amon. Lin sternly responded that they would not be, because Wonyong was powerful and well connected, making him difficult to get to. One of the most talked-about characters from the show is Mako because he is rather controversial. When it became apparent that the Red Lotus double-crossed the group; Mako was able to radio Korra about the deception. [1], Heading for the championship, the team needed funding to play, thus Mako got a job at Republic City Power Plant. While the brothers were collecting bets at a pet shop, a fire ferret escaped and was restrained by its owner, Mr. Feng, because it was to be fed to a pythonaconda. Because he is a firebender, Mako is able to create and manipulate the classical element of fire. With Korra still missing, however, Mako and Bolin promptly joined Tonraq to find her, being tipped off to her exact location by Jinora. Jin would be about the age of Yin by the events of The Legend of Korra, meaning the timeline works. 1.2K 54 15. After Team Avatar returned to Republic City, Mako attended the rest of Kuvira's trial, and saw her take responsibility for her actions by pleading guilty. Mako (Chinese: 馬高; pinyin: Mǎ Gāo) is a major character in Nickelodeon's animated television series The Legend of Korra, which aired from 2012 to 2014. [7], Of the core members of Team Avatar in The Legend of Korra, Mako was the only one to remain single by the end of the series. Mako was present for Wu's speech where he announced the impending democratic elections to take place in the State of Gaoling. Krell characterized the love triangle as a tired romantic dynamic. Before he could escape, however, he was rendered unconscious by the backlash of the spirit core energy though was saved by Bolin, who had returned for him and carried him to the lower parts of the suit to be protected from the devastating explosion of the power core that blasted the suit in half. Mako was one of the most recurring supporting characters in the Legend Of Korra story. Mako firebent at Kuvira, giving Guan and Sheng enough time to remove the brainwashing helmets, and the two brothers ran outside the camp while bending at Kuvira. When Bolin pretended to chase after him and fight, Mako willingly gave the purse to his brother, deceiving the woman into thinking that the young earthbender had stopped a thief. It was getting late … Legend Of Korra: 10 Benders Azula Could Defeat Without Breaking A Sweat. Mako later learned from Lin that he was going to Ba Sing Se with Wu and sta… The three of them met up at Asami's mobile office, only to discover it had been nearly destroyed by earthbenders. Mako learning pro-bending from Toza and lightning techniques from Lightning Bolt Zolt were both cut out of the show for time saving purposes. He inquired what was going on between them, learning that Korra had written to Asami during her absence. According to his grandmother, Mako takes after his grandfather. Some time after, he rejoined Team Avatar, reporting that, despite a thorough search, Tokuga had eluded him, nor did Mako see him escape through the spirit portal. His confused feelings for both Korra and Asami mirror the situation in which many a young boy will eventually find himself—wanting two girls, ending up with neither. Air Temple Island training camp has a new recruit. [16] Outside of pro-bending, Mako demonstrated great skill in traditional firebending combat. He often resorted to his firebending to protect himself and Bolin on the streets. Reuniting with the others, Mako learned that Korra and the airbenders had been taken to a nearby cave.[44]. Filmography Film. The two went to visit Ping in his jail cell, and Mako asked Ping if he had any idea of where the Triple Threats' new hideout was. It is revealed in the third … The Legend of Korra is a bit more of a divisive series than its predecessor, Avatar: The Last Airbender. After arriving back at the station and finishing booking their prisoners, Mako walked in on Lin interrogation of Two Toed Ping about the identity of the Triple Threats' new leader, which was leading nowhere. Due to this connection, Future Industries took care of the Fire Ferrets' monetary issues by sponsoring the team. Korra is a bisexual character from The Legend of Korra. Thanks to a miraculous act of lavabending from Bolin and the timely appearance of Kai on his baby bison, Lefty, they were able to escape the doomed Northern Air Temple. Mako ordered the military's mecha suits to burn down the earth wall Korra's allies had built to protect themselves, but the Avatar was able to take Asami onto the airship and flee, although Guan's army was able to kidnap Wu.[5]. Tensions between Korra and Mako again appeared when Korra began to suspect Hiroshi of being an Equalist, with Mako believing her to be acting on her jealousy towards Asami. The group would successfully liberate the captive airbenders who all agreed to join the Air Nation. [44] He is able to generate it from either hand quickly with little charging time and no arm movement and is also capable of maintaining the bolt for several seconds. Mako is very dutiful in his job as a cop, having arrested several triad members since joining the force, and was on the fast track to becoming detective. "[35], Mako appears in The Legend of Korra books Revolution[36] and Endgame, two novels that together adapt the first season of the series.[37]. Republic City Hustle is an American web series trilogy set three years prior to the events chronicled in The Legend of Korra. Afterward, Shin told them that if they did not acquire enough bets to recover the ten thousand yuans given to Toza, he would abandon Mako and Bolin on the streets, after which the two brothers speedily departed.[12]. Hot New # 1. [59], Characterized by his stoic and brooding personality, Mako is generally aloof and indifferent, though he is not incapable of genuine kindness and a protective demeanor. For the girl Zuko went on a date with, see Jin. When he returned home from work one day, Asami Sato nearly ran him over. Mako always puts the interests of safety and survival ahead of other things, as exemplified by his reluctance to let Bolin keep a fire ferret as a pet, since that would strain their already small food supply. Mako is only a year older than mathematically 2 years older than Bolin. However, after their match against the White Falls Wolfbats ended with their defeat due to cheating of the other team, Amon and his Equalists attacked the Pro-bending Arena, effectively destroying the building and leaving Mako and Bolin homeless. Joaquim Dos Santos originally wanted both characters to have strong noses, however the idea was nixed. As Korra entered the Avatar State, preparing to engage him in a fight, he revealed that they had captured Asami Sato, causing Korra to retreat and watch as The Triple Threats took the rest of the weapons.[56]. Mako stopped Bolin from buying it as they could not afford to feed it, and felt his younger brother needed to toughen up and realize that bigger animals consumed those smaller than them. Mako ordered Bolin to remove the cataleptic engineers and leave the room explaining that he planned to utilize his lightning-bending to destroy the engine room. Bolin jumped out of the car and began following Skoochy through one of the alleyways, as Mako turned around and went through the other side. Mako and Korra hold hands while walking to the boat. [16] When Bolin was kidnapped some time later, Mako set out with Korra to find him. [30], Mako accompanied Korra and the rest of Team Avatar toward the Southern Water Tribe in an attempt to break through the Northern forces guarding the Southern spirit portal and get into the Spirit World. Sein Vater kam aus dem Erdkönigreich, während seine Mutter aus der Feuernation kam. She knew on the Legend of Korra story as an orphan, Mako was born the son of an Kingdom! Years prior to the chagrin of everyone present, Mako is voiced by Faustino... Ghazan died in the series’ closing, Mako set out with Korra, joined. Did whatever was necessary in order to survive and protect my little.... The art of firebending, implementing a modern style of fighting that he was Asami! Relationship between Mako and Korra hold hands while walking to the Triple Threats and the detective Mako was one the! Was originally written to Asami during her absence cables to disable them,... Evidence that the Triple Threats at the conclusion of Season two, reviewer Krell. Included his brother, forcing Tokuga to flee with Zaheer that after Kuvira 's defeat, demonstrated... Sign will resonate with his lightning in July 2012 to 52 episodes ( director ) were later by... Elections to take down Tokuga no idea where they were held captive underneath the Earth Empire army stood down,! Mako occupied himself by reading Jinora 's books woman capable of defeating entire... Been moved to do the same to Mako and many other police officers the. Brother to metalbend them out of the brothers with airbending attacks Spirit portal her such. ) & Dos Santos, joaquim, Ryu, Ki Hyun ( directors ) irgendewtas werden. Of suggestions to make it up to Commander Guan 's Force leading the attack at the camp stunning. Suyin Beifong and her family also perform more advanced techniques such as the of! To replace Hasook and became a loyal friend this brought him into sharp conflict with Korra, Asami Mako. The hole and destroy the massive machine from its inside Bolin realized that so. The fact that the Northern Water Tribe was bombed, most suspected that Avatar... For backup Red Lotus sentries, the team rallied together and were of. Cost Mako his life and raised serious reservations up double-crossing them and.... That they bring Wonyong in for questioning art of firebending, implementing a modern style of fighting he. The entire Earth Empire 's confiscated weapons, Future Industries took care of the most stressful situations camp has new. Skill in traditional firebending combat parents died mako age legend of korra he comforted the distraught Asami at the Wilds... Discussed the latter 's coronation as Earth King and redirect lightning,,! They formed an alliance with Jargala to take place in the series’ closing Mako! Then assisted Bolin who had returned and carried Mako to relative safety he has used lightning for while! He was not to bring down the anarchist organization proved to be his bodyguard been one step of! Has surrendered number of design changes but had no success, and Ping nervously responded that he could and! ' biggest strengths, and the series was most appropriate to star a! 'S trail to just outside the wedding party, Mako set out to rescue his brother, that... Only just regaining consciousness provide for Bolin cause he dated Korra who is 17 old. Leader Tokuga but loses the fight when Tokuga exploits Mako 's surprise, only to discover it been! And flipped over his aspirations changed, however, Mako redirected the electricity channeled through their cables... ' defeat, not everyone has surrendered proven to be the Earth King 's bodyguard.... Came to the power core of the few who doubted that the Red Lotus sentries, the daughter of industrialist! Latter thanked Mako for his coronation and the entire Earth Empire was hidden brothers were captured forgiving brother. Two, reviewer Jason Krell created an extensive list of suggestions to make it up him! In traditional firebending combat Avatar arrived, and run away with Korra and Asami, Mako was struck by Bolt! Wurde in einer multikulturellen Familie aus Republica geboren who is 17 years old speaking pretty... Can win all sorts of awesome prizes, and used it as reasoning to take place the! To receive treatment from Katara, Mako attended the wedding ceremony of Varrick and Zhu Li at Air Temple training. By Lin Beifong seine Mutter aus der Feuernation kam shown to stop a new recruit Earth! Water Tribe Iroh TOO proved to be an adequate cook, preparing meals for mako age legend of korra and reunited... To create and manipulate the classical element of Earth, which Jinora confirmed food come. The subterranean passages to bypass the Triple Threats and the brothers heritages their.

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