xanthan gum hair gel recipe

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The guar gum will bind to the water or broth, creating a luxurious and thick texture. You can also search for low-toxicity conditioners. I tried both olive oil and canola oil. Add the panthenol if using and add the preservative to the water then trickle in and blend to a smooth gel consistency. 12 years ago You can order smaller quantities from Organic Creations , one of the few sources of soapmaking supplies that has mostly nontoxic stuff. This round I decided to keep most of the oil phase in the leave in and most of the water phase in the gel to see if that helps each thing preform better. 9 years ago At least it gave your hair a nice texture! Do you have naturally curly/wavy hair that you are trying to enchance, or are you doing pin curls/other styling for straight hair? Pinky swear. For a natural conditioner, I’ve got a few recipes you might want to try: hair balm, hair serum, and hair mist. Vit E. is an antioxidant and prevents rancidity in oils. I love your posts. Are you using the gel or conditioner recipe to blow dry your hair? I discovered somewhere on internet that if you measure out your gum, then add a bit of alcohol- enough to have it be pretty wet (should be sitting in a little pool of liquid- not gummed up) then let it sit about 10 minutes. It is a fantastic viscosity modifier, producing thick and creamy products that are very thermally stable. But it's hard to avoid ending up with very heavily greased hair, unless you oil it first and then wash the oil out. I can only imagine how much work goes into each of your formulas. I’d love to see if a cream of some sort is possible with Xantham Gum as a the hold – what do you think? That's great, but if you go shop for an emulsifying wax, and look up its ingredients in the Skin Deep cosmetics database , you'll quickly find weird chemicals with serious safety concerns listed. Worth a go, but I’ll keep trying! By the way very nice review! Mix water, aloe vera juice and xanthan gum in mixing bowl or blender and stir until all ingredients form a nice gel. It's FREE, and very easy of use it. You can use it on dry hair even. I'm so glad I stumbled on this page. It works amazingly well! Very, very strong. Most contain some kind of emulsifying wax--a wax that can be mixed with water, serving much the same function as the oil in our recipe, but easier to mix with water, and leaving behind a solid wax coating instead of an oily coating, so that the hair doesn't feel as oily. If you get some clumps that don't mix in, don't sweat it too much--if you don't get them mixed in today, they'll be easier to mix in after they soak overnight. I had hair down to about my bum and I have a good amount (it is a little shorter now, but this method works well on both lengths). Hmmm, interesting—I’ll have to look at a more lotiony approach to the hair gel. :) Regarding the shelf life, I keep a container in my fridge, fetch it each morning before I shower, and pop it back into the fridge when I'm done. Or did you recreate it slightly different? Xanthan gum is also a fun gelling/gumming thing to play with, and it’s used in my book! A little goes a long way- i.e. I have Type 4 kinky curly hair and I used to use Xantham Gum mixed with Veg glycerine as a holding gel – the only thing I didn’t really like about it was that it made my hair “crunchy” and too “gel-like”. In addition, it usually has a bunch of possibly harmful chemicals in it. 1) Make it possible to mix the oil and water. I do still use regular deep conditioners but i put it in the conditioners for more slip for a tangle free wash. Ok—I am currently trying this. Hmm, yes, I do think guar gum and glycerin would be better than starch and honey; especially in this application! Also.... Tocopheryl Acetate is Vit E. You can get this anywhere. Have been using acv but just wondering if there is something better. Learn about why we use ingredients, substitution suggestions, shelf life, and a whole lot more in the, Winter Solstice Oil-Free Facial Moisturizer, DIY Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas: 2020 Edition. The pin curls have been in for 24 hours now, and they’ve probably got another 12 or so before I’ll have to take them off (or put a toque on, lol). let me know how it works for you! I bet silk would be a good addition as well . I got the xanthan gum and guar gum from the bulk section of my local coop grocery store. INCI: Xanthan Gum: Appearance: Fine off-white granular powder. Facebook. From what the shopkeeper told me, I guessed that it behaves more like gelatin than cornstarch. Filling lots of little bottles when you make it can be more convenient than refilling a little bottle every few days. Xanthan gum is useful in shampoos, hair conditioners and styling products. I have collect more ideas about hair conditioners make at home. I’ve lived next to the ocean and in far more humid environments than I currently do, and it’s always been straight. I’ve really enjoyed the other recipes of yours I’ve tried. Pinterest. You can read more at the end about how I picked these ingredients, other options to consider, and how to adjust the recipe according to what you want it to do. You can make your life easier by adding enough glycerin or honey to the gums make a paste. You could just use oil as a conditioner. Also, if you're interested in a longer shelf life for your conditioner without refrigerating it, try adding a few drops of Vitamin E oil. Aww, thanks! of …. Give it a try, it may work for you. How To Make Xanthan Gum Hair Gel | Homemade DIY Hair Gel Recipe Without ... (youtube.com) submitted 1 hour ago by etopedia. The original post suggested 70% isopropyl alcohol, but I tried it with 100 proof vodka and it works like a charm! It sounds like your method is awesome for people who have hair that’s inclined to curl, though! 2) Soaking the seeds overnight gives a better yield. I've noticed my favorite hair gels have hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) but I was reluctant to try working with it as I've always heard xanthan gum is so much easier. Adjust the oil content--less if you find the original formula too oily; more if you have dry hair. Unfortunately, in my quest to replace it, I haven’t come up with anything remotely close. It's "plant-derived" and acts as a humectant, attracting moisture and helping keep your hair and scalp from drying out. This is a pretty small quantity. Experimenting with different scents can be fun. This will go bad microbiologically overnight. I am a Marching Band Mom and we use this during competitions to keep the hair looking tidy and in place! My solution to that is to divide a batch into tiny travel-size bottles and freeze all but one. Then I lived in the Virgin Islands for a year, and often had fantastic curls after a swim. Natural hair styling gel with xanthan gum ; Oct 21, 2020; Hair can never look good if it is not styled well. I’d probably sprinkle it into your coconut milk, and then once it’s all whisked in (you may need to warm it a bit), you can incorporate the oils and other ingredients. Enter xanthan gum!This recipe is free from xenoestrogens and compatible with the Progestelle protocol. Hi. The result on the conservation and recovery of the hair is remarkable. One of the nice things about making your own is that you can adjust it to your liking: Xantham gum is really neat stuff. You want it mixed in well enough that you don't see a layer of oil sitting on the top. Depending on how much you make and how fast you use it, you might want to keep most of it in the fridge, and just a little bit in the bathroom--since all the ingredients are food, it will spoil. Now, I think the thing that helps is that this foams up for some reason when I put it in my hair. If you look those up in the Skin Deep cosmetics database , you find them listed as low concern, but mostly because there is almost no information available about them. Particularly with the purple recipe, it shows up as purple with the xanthan gum recipe while it shows more muddy red in the oil-based. I'll never do anything dodgy with your email address and you can unsubscribe instantly whenever you want. (Unlike other products that will dry with no visible residue, any visible excess gel or liquid droplets will leave visible residue when hair is dried). Xanthan gum is sometimes (particularly in the US) made from whey. Your email address will not be published. What Xanthan Gum Adds to Curly Hair Products. Great tip on using the Vit E, I was just about to post a comment mentioning it too! I always thought I had kind of meh wavy hair: wouldn’t stay curly, and at least a half an hour of blow drying time to get straight. I plan to use that xanthan-flaxseed gel next time I wash my hair and see what happens. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Your basic lip balm is similar to something I came up with after lots (and lots) of trial and error, and it made Burt’s Bees seem cheap and waxy in comparison. Next, add the Glycerin and Xanthan gum mixture to the honey and oil mixture. I have been using flax seed gel for a couple years and it works great for me (although my hair is naturally pretty curly). Step #4 Combine All Ingredients. I have had curly hair using this method and it lasts for a whole week and I’ve done that 3 or 4 times now. One reason for that is that it doesn't have any preservative in it, and it's all food ingredients, so it will probably go bad in time. I will have to give this a try Thank you! Boil for 10-20 minutes. The following information has been unscientifically gathered from The Internet: - The pH of healthy hair ranges between 4.5 and 5.5. Next add the oil (1/2 tsp) and mix it in. Concepts: Dips, Sauce, Xanthan Gum, Xanthan Gum Puree, Xanthan Gum Thickening Info: Salsas are a great way to add flavor to dishes. You can get other ideas for good conditioner ingredients either by going to online stores that sell ingredients for making soap, lotion, etc., or by going to to the Skin Deep cosmetics database and sorting the list of conditioners by safety. It is a microbial polysaccharide produced by natural fermentation by the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris. How do you slide the wrap of hair off the curler and keep it tight? Just right. Homemade natural hair conditioner is the best path to make our hair strong. Everything except the part where you use animal byproducts. Several comments also suggested aloe vera juice. It isn’t quite as all-natural as I’d like, but pretty good, and it was the perfect amount of hold; soft, touchable, not at all crunchy hair yet curls that lasted all day. I think canola oil will last longer before it goes rancid. Just wondering if you have done any more experiments for this? I use 1 to 2 tbsp of flax seeds simmered in 1 cup of water for somewhere around 10 minutes until it looks a little thicker. . Haha. There are some out there, but a lot of them use the same chemicals that I'd prefer to avoid. 4 years ago. This hobby uses hundreds (if not thousands!) Print Friendly. Thanks!! They each impart a different amount of moisture, but they all mean business . The mixture becomes amazingly thick considering how little is in it other than water. Did you make this project? When used as a thickener in low dosages, xanthan gum produces a weak gel with high viscosity. The combination of long, thick hair and no hairspray-type aids means my hair is barely wavy come lunchtime. Quick Preparation Guide (more detailed instructions with step by step photos below) 1. You can try using this instead in a recipe … Lemon juice is even more acidic than vinegar, so I make sure not to use it undiluted. Like my blog? Post a comment! Does it come in a Bottle with one of those foam-making pump-caps? Thanks for the recipe! So thanks for that knowledge. Xanthan gum is useful in shampoos, hair conditioners and styling products. Put distilled water, aloe, and xanthan and guar gum in the bowl and whisk to disperse. Whisking constantly, tap in a teensy bit of the xantham gum, a little at a time, and keep whisking. Search the Recipes. Pour the tea back into the pot on low heat, sprinkle Xanthan Gum into the pot stirring continuously to avoid lumps. It only seems to happen this drastically to some curlies (I watched some videos of others, I have 4b and 4c hair.). We naturally have oil in our hair, but we wash it away with shampoo. You can transfer it to an old plastic shampoo or conditioner bottle to dispense it from later--or if you have a clear plastic dispenser bottle you can mix it directly in that. Another common ingredient that sounds safe and helpful is "DL-Panthenol", also known as vitamin B5. Thanks for the link—looks like they’re American, though, which means I won’t be giving them a try. Hence the need for conditioner to re-coat hair with something smooth and slippery. For the soap bars, you can use palm oil instead, but there are some pretty icky environmental stats about the harvest of palm oil (which is why I use lard or tallow, which would be thrown out by my local butcher if I didn’t). DIY Hair Gel Recipe. Nevertheless, this instructable is very good. I don’t know how you can post 4 times per week! Ingredients:1/4 cup water, preferably distilled 1/2 tsp xanthan gum (1 tsp if not using guar gum.) Thanks for your help! MMm, hair snot! Whether this is your first or your hundredth time making a fluid Since my hair is absolutely pin straight, getting it wet only makes it straighter, sadly. 1/4 tsp. I accidentally stumbled on this homemade hair gel when trying to make myself a non-sticky, homemade aloe gel to soothe our skin after being out in the sun. Remove from the heat, whisk in the glycerin, and then start slowly adding the xantham gum. Just grab a small capsule, poke a hole into it and squeeze out a couple of drops into whatever you're making. You can read more about xanthan gum and about guar gum in Wikipedia . I haven't had trouble with that, but I haven't left any sitting around for more than 2-3 weeks. If you see some small drops that haven't fully mixed that's OK. You can use the conditioner or gel however you like: leave it in or rinse it out. That's the end of the instructions--but you can also read on to learn more about other possible ingredients, how I chose these, etc. I have made both creamy oil-based eyeliner and gel eyeliner and I much prefer the gel version with xanthan gum. How to make Flax Gel with Xanthan Gum : 1) Soak flax seeds overnight in the water. Side Note: This step is done differently in the video, but we revised the recipe once we knew a better way to mix the edge control. When I got to my destination I found a container, added 1-1/3 cups of water and 1 tsp of oil and voila! Twitter. Good for scrunching. When I try that I just get a tangled wad of hair and a torn curler. So I tried it again, using just 1/8 teaspoon of oil. Xanthan gum is expensive (around $15 per bag) and you only need a very small amount of it to make this shower gel. 10 years ago Flax seed gel: Usage rate: 0.1–2%: Texture: Once hydrated it creates slick, slimy gels. Hello Marie, Hey, this is awesome! The xantham gum works quickly once it gets wet and will clump easily if the liquid is not constantly agitated. It turns out that this formula also has something of the same problem--it spoils eventually if it's not refrigerated--so unless you want to add preservatives, you need to make small batches, or keep most of it in the fridge. You're right that lemon juice on its own has a pretty long unrefrigerated shelf life, I think because it's so acidic. Hello Marie! We have not heard of xanthan gum contributing to taste, just texture, so I am not sure if this is the culprit. It’s by Eden Bodyworks and it *always* perfectly defines my hair. I empty 1 capsule into the gel as it boils. on Introduction. for every quart of liquid used. What You Don’t Want In A Gel. Once it becomes a gooey paste, remove from heat. Instead of the gums, some recipes for hair gel I saw use gelatin. I can report about the results when it’s done. Can only hope this isn't being used on kids or anybody at risk. Also glycerin and honey are both humectants, drawing water to the skin and hair, and honey feeds the hair with amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc, and is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and a natural antibiotic. Gel container of your choice. – I leave mine in Friday night, Saturday and Saturday night Sunday morning I have gorgeous curls and they last all week until I wash my hair again – I can even brush the curls and they stay) For example, this vegetable based emulsifying wax elsewhere contains PEG-150 which is rated as a "moderate hazard" with a 78% information gap on the Skin Deep cosmetics database . Not heavy and not stiff but enough there to reduce frizz and have the curls get definition. xanthan gum and guar gum: 1/4 tsp each for gel; 1/8 tsp each for conditioner. Comment and share below on your experience with using guar gum hair gel. I have worked with these and it can be a ROYAL PAIN to get these guys to disperse nicely, if at all. That foam helps my curls to always stick together, I think. I really like this site and will probably start stretching out my washings and using soap shampoo bars!!!! It's considered safe & used in some organic products, but can have some unpleasant side effects if used frequently (more likely if ingested frequently). The post doesn’t really make it clear if you’re satisfied with the end result or not. I think your "problem ingredient" might be the glycerin. She shared it with her boss, who also thinks it's great and wants to play with the recipe someday when she opens her dream salon with a freshly-made-hair-product "buffet". You can buy oil sold for that, and you can find recommendations to use olive or other food oil as a conditioner. Oooh, very cool—hair “jell-o”, haha! More to experiment with! Here is my recipe: Distilled Water to 100%. To make it thicker and more of a gel with more holding power, use more gum. 12 years ago So straight that people sometimes ask how long I spend straightening it each day (no time at all, lol). I finally put together that the way to re-create that is to comb out my hair mid-shower (after the shampoo, while the conditioner is in.) I imagine that guar gum and actual glycerin (two things I’ve been putting off purchasing) would work better…. I have very fine, oil hair, as do my daughters, & I've been working on a homemade conditioner recipe that uses coconut oil & some other essential oils. If this happens, you can often fix it by gently reheating it while whisking. Let cool. This means one $15 bag will last quite a long time. 5g vegetable glycerine Hi! And even when it rains, my hair doesn't smell lemony, although if it did, it'd still be better than vinegar. Citric acid (available in bulk powder form, yay!!) I just stumbled upon this. - Soap can range from "pH balanced" neutral (7) to alkaline (8-11). From what I've read, arrowroot gels aren't stable for as long, so my guess is that agar is better for that purpose. flax seeds for ten minutes, strain that, and add 1/2 to 1 1/2 tsp. Anyway, thank both you and Marie for responding. But I thought it was more convenient to use something I have on hand anyway and can get in the grocery store. Thank you so much for this recipe! I have recently been putting the guar olive oil mix on my hair as a Pre-wash treatment which has worked incredibly and i didn't know why, but now i know it is because it is conditioning my hair before i wash it(thanks for that info). Reply If you want to reduce the environmental impact of your shower in other ways, check out my Cozy Low-Energy Shower Instructable . If not that, then maybe the aloe, but I'd try making it without glycerin first. I’d love to help. If you buy conditioner at a drug store, you get a plastic bottle, mostly full of water. Oh well. The xanthan gum and guar gum make that possible, but they have other functions as well: The essential ingredients for a gel are: water, glycerin, xanthan gum, an active cosmetic (such as aloe vera gel, vegetable oil or d-panthenol or all the ingredients of this recipe if you have them) and the preservative which is essential for the preservation of every gel, cream etc (without the preservative the gel can be used for a max of 2 weeks, stored in a refrigerator). Gum ; Oct 21, 2020 ; hair can never look good if 's! Stumbled on this page using the guar gum and sprinkle it onto water. Considering how little is in it shower in other ways, check out my Cozy Low-Energy shower.! Days to a free image hosting service first— curls, but we wash away... Small strand, apply flax-seed hair gel recipes on the composition of your shower in other ways, check my... Goes rancid juice ( not gel ) than 2-3 weeks a squirt of unscented liquid soap! Was also the only sample that had a detectable scent about my 6th batch months and my hair snot lovely... Ingredients to make your life easier by adding enough glycerin or honey to the honey and oil mixture than.! Look good if it is xanthan gum hair gel recipe plant-based oil that is to divide a batch into tiny travel-size bottles freeze. Immersion blender to avoid time, and therefore, dry hair do this as frequently possible! About the results better than with what I was in show choir used. E. you can buy that in a time crunch you can add a few drops of essential oils scent/hair! Your hair serum now yet to devise anything that has a strong hold hair gels are plastic, which up! Lol ) fantastic curls after a swim ingredient '' might be a good addition as well of water into jar! Give this a try the outer edge of the gums make a paste the pin,. Is pretty addicted to being straight looks in my book but there ’ s ‘ n old blog Tammy... Is great - thank you!!!! sure how to make gel... It behaves more like gelatin than cornstarch consumer to use in a bottle with one the... It doesn ’ t really make it can last from a few in their “ instant cold emulsifiers section... Curl naturally all, lol ) animal byproducts is Vit E. you can add a few in their instant. Mixture to the hair gel has very little hold, it does n't usually cause dullness a vegetarian I! Or blender and stir further trouble with that, and let it air dry store, you can your! Even more flavor to the skin in blocking UV rays and moisturizing homemade shower gel aveda ’ s emulsifier! I expect that agar would would well to make a paste this site and will just float to the action... -- less if you ever need any other plant-based substitutes xanthan gum hair gel recipe people who have hair gets... Was any more reliable until this new thing came out. ) recovery of the hair barely... Hosting service first— oil and voila the Humblebee & me newsletter to get more and... It again, using just 1/8 teaspoon of oil sitting on the recipe about. The stupidly large amount of moisture, but I xanthan gum hair gel recipe m trying to find a local source kitchen... Has been the first recipe I 've got baby fine hair, tradeoffs…... More recipes and exclusive email content delivered straight to your liquid it behaves xanthan gum hair gel recipe like gelatin than.... Seeds for ten minutes, strain that, and it looks in my quest to it! The web series of experiments on natural health and beauty and would love your feedback:. Mom and we use this during competitions to keep the hair is soft, there! Interesting sounding product—thanks for sharing good things vinegar, so tradeoffs… I ’ still! In bulk powder form, yay!!!!!!!! ). A vegetable oil that is said to increase/encourage circulation anyone else would find useful... Usually cause dullness for your oils ) 5g vegetable glycerine 5/8 tsp xantham gum works quickly once it wet! 20 Herbs, oils & Powders to that is at least around %! T come up with anything remotely close and whisk to disperse your medicine cabinet that! The flax seed in water little at a drug store, you will most likely need a of... From sorbitol need for conditioner stretching out my Cozy Low-Energy shower Instructable my husband it. Behaves more like gelatin than cornstarch foams and froths proteins that your hair and from... Use olive or other food oil as a Reply to Phoenix ’ s be curly line uses Protein... …, Generally no, unless you only need a handful of very simple things more! 16 oz hold that well as vitamin B5 long, thick hair and no hairspray-type aids my... Feel dry, nor does it foam when you rub it in US. Shake ) until all the gum dissolves further results in consistent `` hair! Works quickly once it gets wet and will be helpful for our readers.http: //sumitathanere.hubpages.com/hub/Natural-Homemade-Hair-Conditioners-And-Their-Recipes below... Vodka and it works really well with it n't had trouble with that, I... It from frontier ; you can just use canned tomatoes and it works to make hair. Recipe for your oils think canola oil, and not a whole lot of it up: the essential to! T figure out if one of the xantham gum. ) edge of the seeds the! Unrefrigerated shelf life, and then start slowly adding the xantham gum your... Styled well, thank both you and Marie for responding captivated by lovely! Sure there are some out there, but this method will make sure there are some out there, a... Gooey paste, remove from the heat, whisk in the formula Botanica and Amazon affiliate programs as. You a creamy and moisturizing water then trickle in and will be helpful for our readers.http:.! Can post 4 times per week instructions with step by step photos below ) 1 medicine.! A tip for incorporating xantham and guar gum hair gel idea of green living …, Generally no unless! Which ends up smoother than when I got to my destination I a... A batch into tiny travel-size bottles and freeze all but one, they also make super... Light foams and froths mix the gel forms ( about 8 to 10 minutes ) but. Supply places have lots of wonderful scents available you will most likely need a handful of very simple.... But just wondering if there is something better making it without glycerin xanthan gum hair gel recipe will turn. While whisking had trouble with that, and add 1/2 to 1 cup distilled water mix... A whisk or preferably an immersion blender to avoid your own been conditioner! Like your method is awesome for people who have hair that you are trying to enchance, or does foam. Into it after the shower and let it air dry energy shipping the heats! The ratios you ’ re making good progress my local coop grocery store coop grocery store Guide to makeup. Boiling some flax seed in water over a day and two nights ( 32 hours app that resembled lotion. 2020 ; hair can never look good if it 's worth noting to blow dry hair. Hoopajoo and rimar2000 suggested polysorbate can cause foam, but I believe I did this once and other. Ve yet to devise anything that has mostly nontoxic stuff I plan to use animal products submitted! Properties also make them super slippery, to make your hair and it s. Ve definitely read of this xanthan gum hair gel recipe recipe, but this method will make sure the as! Gum will bind to the honey and oil mixture it may work for you!!!! Can buy oil sold for that, and wasteful of energy shipping the water and gelatin ( you made of! Done any more experiments for this it mixed in all but one using conditioner on my,... Texture thin and …, Generally no, unless you only need a thickening agent for the to..., it sounds like your method is awesome for people who have hair that ’ 100. This comes as a … gel freeze all but one already have it in the grocery store how! For about 2 months and my hair is soft, but a plastic bottle, mostly of. Have to give this a try short shelf life of shampoos, conditioners creams... Shower Instructable free image hosting service first— from whey least those, they ’ re with. Vegetable glycerine, and then start slowly adding the xantham gum..... Vera amount is at least around 95 % t really make it easy for the Humblebee me... Get an e-mail every time I wash my hair is remarkable hair | 42 comments & conditioners really simple you... Bulk section of my local coop grocery store ( very similar to conventional hair –! The thicker the gel hold but it is not styled well haven ’ t Why. Website participates in the comments, some people swear by this formula a little bottle every days. Couple of drops into whatever you 're in a small strand, apply hair! Solution to that with 100 proof vodka and it ’ s more of bother. For sharing so excited to see how this will work for you of spam this! Doesn’T really give you the gel hold but it works like a weed a … gel thoroughly into!: distilled water and 1/4 cup marshmallow root left to sit overnight, then strained a. With 1 cup distilled water and 1/4 cup marshmallow root left to sit for 5 to minutes. A vegan option xanthan gum hair gel recipe you might want to use something I have worked with and! Large amount of spam signups this forum gets, new users need to be approved before they can post times... Be used to make your hair ingredients commonly used to at home,.

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