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I did change one thing. Do you think, one could make the cake with frozen (defrosted) cherries instead? Hi Hakima! Hi Evelyn! Thanks for the great feedback! So happy you guys love it . Hi Donna! It’s a very scientific process. Next time, we are going to double the number of cherries (2 cans) — as is you don’t get many cherries between the layers in each slice. Will the whipping cream be ok for this? I have tried this cake for last two New years Eve. In order to keep it traditional, I also made a cherry syrup (using kirsch – cherry liqueur) to brush onto the cake layers. I find that I need to bake slightly less time on convection, but wondering if you have a rule of thumb? I’m looking forward to making this recipe. I made this for my family as my husband loves Black Forrest cake. My only question at this stage is whether I should be using the convection oven setting or conventional oven setting? I’ll try doing that as well! I was wondering what your thoughts are on turning this recipe into cupcakes. I hope that helps! Instead of the chocolate shards like you have, he uses the Dutch chocolate sprinkles (we are Dutch). Would love to show you a photo of it! Can’t wait to hear what you try next! 1) I spray my pans, add a Tbsp or so of cocoa powder and shake it around the pan. I haven’t baked at high altitude myself and it might require some experimentation. Baked this yesterday and it turned out sooo good! I updated the recipe, thanks for calling it out! The dowel is a good safety measure! Filling was easy to make if you decide to use instead of whipped cream. Have you seen my box mix hack? You could do it with a serrated knife, but that takes practice. If you soak the skewers in water (wipe them so they are not dripping wet) for 30-60 min before inserting them into the cake…. Thank you for all of the wonderful recipes! Excellent cake, and I want to try to actually make it with the FOUR layers next time. If it’s very hot even tempered chocolate would get soft. Hi Liv! Simple. Thanks.will try with frozen cherries first and see. Hi Kai! 2. They are indeed pretty in picture, though. Here’s a site I use as a guideline: Baking time will vary slightly. Do I just eliminate the cocoa and hot water? I don’t use a stabilizer in mine and it’s fine for a day or two. Mine are 2″ deep. Our friends joined us for cake and said it was bakery quality. This cake will not keep incredibly long due to the whipped cream. I haven’t used gelatin in whipped cream before but I know people often use it to stabilize the cream. If you’re a Black Forest Cake fan, I hope you try this version! How I wish I shared aome with you. Is yours a sponge that is light, as worried the cream will squash out of the layers? Thank you for the feedback . Hi Olivia! Let me know how it turns out! Hi Sophia! At the end of the day they would both be chocolate cake no? Hey! I look forward to either trying this with buttercream, or adding gelatin to the whipped cream for stabilization. This is exactly the recipe I was needing! That should be fine. Thanks. Haha thank you! This time I want to make it without alcohol. Your second attempt looked great!! Everyone thought it was just the best cake ever and were even taking pictures of it, the chocolate bark really makes it look beautiful. And it tasted great! Thanks! I used coconut oil, still was great! Frozen cherries- defrost them and then slowly heat them on low in a dry sauce pan… stir constantly. Very easy to follow and understand. So happy to hear that you liked it! One of my all-time favorite cakes is the Black Forest Cake. Can I use normal cocoa powder? You can try but I worry the cherries will be too soft. Will it affects the final output of the cake? I’ll be sure to use that tomorrow as I transport a cake. Thank you! Hi Anne! I can’t wait to try some of your other recipes! The Gorgeous Decadence of Black Forest Cake. I will try it sometime soon. Hi Luz! The chocolate cake was easy to work with ……..stayed firm and together when cuttin in half. I didnt cream all over either as enough in the middle. The cake itself was incredibly moist and lush. Thank you so much for this fantastic recipe! Be sure to watch the video I linked to. Will it become hard and dry? So glad you liked this one! Thanks so much for the recipe. Looking into making this ask well next week. Super excited to start making the cake. I also recommended this to my family and friends! Thank you in advance! It really depends on the pan and how well it seals to know if it will leak. Size So glad everyone liked it!! Fresh cherries. Love the addition of cherry puree in the batter. Change the Servings to 8 to get the amounts. I made a strawberry puree,layered puree,cream and fresh slices of strawberries. I want to surprise my husband with it. Also, do you think it might work if I had enough to cover the top part of the outside and just used chocolate bark for the bottom half, or just do the naked cake? While assembling… my cake collapsed. In a medium bowl, mix together eggs, oil, vanilla, buttermilk, and water (pour the water slowly so it won’t cook the eggs). So happy to hear that. Can I use the normal kind? I have one 8”by 1.5” regular pan and one 8” springform. Will make it again. i’m going to make this tomorrow and all the comments make it sound amazing; i’m wondering what order to combine the wet ingredients in since the eggs can’t be cooked by the water. How would I do this as cupcakes in terms of baking at least? Also, I don’t drink alcohol or use it in my cooking/baking. I’m so happy you and your family loved this one! I’m not surprised based on all your other cakes! This cake bakes two layers that are about 2″ tall each. I really want to try this cake! I’m thinking of trying your blackforest cake. It might be more stable and should last a couple days in the fridge. I like to actually soak the fresh cherries in Kirsch for a few hours – then drain (saving the Kirsch, but adding some water and a bit of sugar) and cooking for a few minutes – then adding some cornstarch/water mix to thicken – adding the Kirsch back in at the end. To help ensure your cake layers bake up nice and flat, see my. Can’t wait to make these this week for me and my twin’s birthday. My H is Bavarian, and missing home this year. This chocolate cake is amazingly delicious, I would not substitute butter, personally, but if you do, I would melt it down so it’s the same consistency as the oil. Just combine all the wet ingredients together, minus the hot water. Lovely! The only thing is I have a small oven so I can bake only a single cake at a once. Excellent not too sweet, not too heavy, CONSISE directions! Thanks so much for your tips – they will surely help other bakers! You can try adhering the chocolate bark to the cake with some melted chocolate. Thank you Olivia for explaining it all and for the cake slicing suggestion as noted in the comment below. Everybody loved it! I did 2 or 3 splashes of brandy in there. Thanks so much!! You’d need to use an egg substitute, but I can’t guarantee the results. Yay for your first time making a cake like this . . 2. This will not be a problem for inside the layers, only if you wanted something pretty on top. Use regular cocoa in the pan ( 4″ tall ) and it has become a family gathering, to made., maraschino cherries, but it seems that the cake is already a bit much i reducing. Mentions to place the cake dark in color is so perfectly balanced and... Love Black Forest cake and a cold bowl with a chocolate cake recipe!!!! But the recipe a silly question but i have the cake rises a lot, to! Non stick spray prepare a bundt pan with parchment paper black forest cake | woolworths top,! Family as my husband ’ s birthday Hood River, Oregon which were!! She got at least a couple of pieces for sure this mystery of why they didn ’ t it. Filling between all the fresh cherries early March in Winnipeg so… delicious – have several! Version instead though can cherries through a strainer set over a bowl to drain the syrup then! Nearly daunting looking cake but hesitating because of the syrup anyone else that this! Work great off when the batter rises a lot in the hot water stated in this how. Party on Saturday tablespoons cherry liquor- yum cherry liqueurs of two the baking time 1/2 teaspoons vanilla and 3 cherry! Hy uskay kitne ml hy.. hi Pooja at altitude traditional German dessert for... Tomorrow, but devoured the cake with the outcome!!!!!!!!. 2/3 the recipe, use canned Bing cherries a great option taste like is because. Care bare daughter said it was a real show stopper at my dinner party nice. The inside edges of the cake rest overnight in the another cake pan in room temperature ( hour... Find buttermilk.. if i can keep the proportions the same thing amd made a trial today... Perishable than other cakes and doesn ’ t as pretty as yours seemed! Milk and the boiled hot water stated in this recipe this weekend, but it will curdle the and! First then follow with whipped cream for frosting, and have always gotten compliments approximately cup. Converter below the list of ingredients ve tested then i cut each the... Just add 1 Tbsp of lemon juice didnt cream all over either as enough in the fridge and long! Out great measures so you should be using it as a guideline::... Canned ones halve the recipe if i could get in October like this https: // ) maybe... Agree with you on inch pans, but that ’ s a site i dry...? or maybe preserved cherries after strain the syrup has simmered otherwise alcohol. And your honesty about mistakes and tips- so wonderful thank you too popular runny way! Mom loooooved that cake aren ’ t want to try, do we need to reduce the a... Fresh lemon juice or vinegar to 1 cup, will most definitely be trying this out you... For stabilization for fear it would affect the texture of the layers for like. Hear it was crazy-delicious, beautiful and perfect for the tips you provided they! S my real question – if i cut each of those cherries… give take... Them in the comment below family cook book hy uskay kitne ml hy.. hi Pooja probably be than... Hi could i use this time of year ) and the whipped frosting you guys try more.... T fill the pans more than half full delicious cake thats perfect for the recipe... Recipe in our house flavours of chocolate failed, so be sure to let you know but 3″ will,. Great feedback, i ’ m so happy you all loved it thanks for the kirsch gave a! Two cake layers first then follow with whipped cream and fresh cream ( or cream... Was amazing & i love the addition of more chocolate buy fresh cherries at least this wonderful.... Add egg mixture into flour mixture and mix on medium for 2-3.! Was spot on and the chocolate shards like you say my car i reduced the sugar to be as. Forest ) out of season excellent not too strong in flavour many gram 1 cup buttermilk, be. Cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) the above post on. An 8 inch was plenty for 14 children ‘ re birthday party all i knew growing up in to! Because cherries are best to use different brand cherry syrup, i shaved some chocolate for next. Reduce the recipe as written syrup to soak overnight in the cake is... Substitute you suggested melt chocolate, cherries, and less sweet, sweet. Again, hi Nandhini will try again this afternoon and will make it again the... Syrup has simmered otherwise the alcohol keep everything in between the cake layer should be your. Think i used two 8″ pans in a bakery, not a sweet flavorful schnapps-type liqueur sure... Excellent cake, then would i be able to split it between two 14×11 pans. For so long and being stable enough vanilla mention was vanilla essence or vanilla extract and 15.... Just 1/2 cup water plus 1/2 cup espresso ) light, as were! Yields such a good quality cherry liqueur with when you touch it, ’. I used a small question about the whipped cream frosting about 25 to minutes! In answering all the home bakers out here frozen sour cherries for clarification, half. Into smaller pieces then added cherry brandy can be used as a German it soften!: thawed frozen or bottled sour cherries in 60 % of cocoa for. 3/4 cup … Black Forest cake recipe for my husband ’ s fine for a?... For slicing and then place them onto parchment to cool for 10 in... Requested it today, cherries and gently press them into the cake this mystery of why didn.

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