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My weight is 63kg and my height is 167cm what should I take to build a body muscle like doing bulking… whey protein or mass protein? My story in bodybuilding is miracle and different. If, as per the label, two heaped scoops equal 334g, then one heaped scoop will equal 167g. Just ensure you are not replacing any daily meals but rather supplementing – that is, taking Serious Mass 2-3 times a day between meals – otherwise it kinda defeats the point. I would actually say you’re working out too much at five times per week. Is taking 1 scoop before workout an ideal one to do (I’m a lean body) along with post workout 1 scoop? The option with 2.7kg in Flipkart is different than that in 2.72kg. Through this optimum nutrition serious mass review, you will find out that there are two reasons why the weight gainer Serious Mass is a great choice to build mass. Another big, no pun intended, the difference between the two supplements is the size they both come in. I just ordered serious mass 6lbs, I am 20, 6’0″ and 140lbs. It will really helpful to me, thanx in advance bro. Thanks Nour for your very detailed comment – just what I wanted to read over breakfast haha! And how many scoops are there in a tub of 6.6lb? $49.99 $ 49. Just make sure you’re consuming more calories then you’re burning, you’re lifting weights, and you’re getting plenty of sleep. I am extremely ambitious and often will try to surpass expectations, I can say for a fact that Serious Mass is very effective I have never seen results like it in my life. Yes, Serious Mass is ideal for hardgainers, and will especially complement a good solid routine such as SL 5×5. Start by calculating the amount of calories you need per day to gain weight, and then take Serious Mass accordingly. Read the article and comments – all the info you need is there. However, some of this weight gain is likely to be fat as well as muscle – that’s just part of the deal with weight gainers. There are protein powders that cost more and weigh less, much less. I would also suggest BSN True Mass and Muscletech Masstech as they are effective too for lean mass gain. On the right, we have my personal favorite protein powder, Bodybuilding.com’s Signature Whey Protein. Regarding a routine, anything that has you working the full-body three times per week, using heaving compound lifts, is going to yield results. I’m a serious hard gainer and I just want some quick size and muscle. It’s my ‘clutch’ supplement, dependable in crucial situations when I need that big hit of muscle and size. Will Serious Mass give stamina to our body to lift more weight in gym? Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer Protein Powder, Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin D for Immune Support, Chocolate, 12 Pound (Packaging May Vary) 4.5 out of 5 stars 30,232. Would this product work in the aspect of trying to gain just over a stone with doing my usual workout to gain muscle also or would I have to gain weight first and then turn it into muscle? The protein formula comprises a mix of whey protein concentrate, egg albumen, alcium caseinate, and sweet dairy whey. Overall Rating (0.0) Write your own review. Impossible to answer as there are so many factors in play. By: Rick Grimes | Updated On: January 21, 2020 ⓘ Top10Supps may receive a commission if you buy something using a link on this page. I hit gym 6 day per week, and I want to gain weight up to 80 kg, I am confused between mass gainer and whey protein supplement. And please do not forget to tell me how many scoops should I consume per day because Serious Mass’s scoop is soooo big ._. Please explain me how should I use serious Mass Gain that should give results without any side effects. Lift weights three times a week and eat lots of protein. P.S I still go the the gym once a week to do core exercises and weights but I’m clocking up over 20 miles a week running. You’ve got both your carbs and your proteins covered in this mass gainer, packing 50g of protein in a serving. Many people think that when building muscle, all you need is protein in your diet to start feeding your muscles. Focus on training three times per week using full-body workouts which comprise compound movements: squat, deadlift, bench, rows, overhead press, pull-ups, dips. 1 tablespoon is no way near enough… try something like 10. You can usually pick up 5.4kg of Serious Mass online at Amazon for around £40 or $50. By all means take a supplement such as Serious Mass to help you get more protein in your diet, but remember supplements are not miracle solutions, you will need to consistently work your ass off in the gym and eat a wholesome healthy diet to get results. I do not want to get fat… so plz help me out. I’m pretty skinny and am looking to get bigger but alongside I want decent muscles. Your email address will not be published. I’d like you to give more details on that. Charlie wrote an article covering this a few years ago, you should have a read: Do let me know if you have any more questions, and good luck with your goals! Is this normal to get belly when taking this I’m looking to gain weight and muscle mass and then shred in the summer lose as much body fat as possible. If you don’t want to bulk up too much, avoid mass gainers and get yourself a standard whey protein shake. So suggest me some way that which mass gainer is best for me. Is one bag 12lbs enough for me to gain weight? 6) Last strange question… since I have been hitting the gym I have got sulken cheeks, can mass gainers bring enough calories so that my cheeks would get puffed? Hello, I’m 21 years old with 53kg body weight. Soo my trainer suggested me too take Serious Mass as my current weight is 47 KG what’s your point of view? Because your body is burning more calories, and with it body fat, from the increased exercise. The biggest container you can buy from their site is a whopping 12lbs, which is ginormous. In your case I would simply advise lowering the serving size and then gradually increasing it back up to the recommended 2 scoop serving. I felt like I m about to explode when I took Serious Mass haha… and when I went to the bathroom it seems like it all came out… my puss even took a bit the color of the shake. I don’t know if I can still gain weight… been very skinny since birth. Once you start eating more calories and find that you are still not able to meet the calorie requirement then go for a mass gainer. Just as well you have a great sense of humour . Does Protein Powder Cause Gas? In reality, you need all your macronutrients, especially your carbohydrates, to really build your muscles. I would like to hear your advice, I’m 5’6! I want to know if this is effective for me or not according to my weight, height and workout I am doing everyday and food which I take. Before losing this weight, I had a curvy butt and hips to die for. I have been recommended to use the Mutant Mass weight gainer which has a somewhat better ratio of carb:protein. This will suffice as a post-workout shake – no need to bother with another. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass delivers a whopping 254 grams of carbohydrates per serve, 21 grams of which are sugars. I want to know what is the best workout and meal plan for me. What if i did thigh means it will enlarge?? Age is 21 my weight is approx 45 to 47 kgs. I just started doing 5×5 SL workout a week ago. If Serious Mass pushes you into a big caloric surplus – and you’re not exercising – then, yes, you will gain fat. Hi, I have a small doubt buying Serious Mass from Amazon or Flipkart cause I have noticed two different Serious Mass from ON: 1. 3. A lot of people nowadays are focused on losing weight. I buy new ON Serious Mass 12lbs my weight is 60kg so can you please tell me how many scoops I take daily and time after gym or before gym? With 1,250 calories per serving to boost daily calorie intake, 50g high protein to support muscle growth and repair, over 250g carbohydrates helping support muscle recovery , and now with 3 g added Creatine to support performance per serving, you’ve got nothing to lose and lots to gain. I’ve just changed from Gold Standard Pure Whey to Serious Mass as I’m a long distance runner and weight is falling off me at the moment. 3) Yes this will help you put on weigh regardless of sex. However I am just really worried I will get ‘fat’ in my stomach area as currently I am very lean and toned around there. If it does have some side effects please let me know I will keep that in mind. You won’t go far wrong if you stick to three high-protein meals a day and supplement with 1-2 scoops of Serious Mass between meals. So two scoops would equal 250 grams only, quite shy of the 334 grams (but that is for “heaped” scoops). Read the article and comments – all these questions have been answered over and over again. It’s not that I despise the yellow fruit, it’s just isn’t my preferred fruit, there are plenty better out there. Refreshing to get a comment that isn’t asking me the same thing for the hundredth time in a row! Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is a high calorie bulking powder that is designed to help consumers gain weight fast. The previous supplement I used was Mass Tech by Muscletech, it worked pretty well, but I need to gain more mass in my pecs. As a guide, eat 3 meals per day and use this shake as a snack between meals. Again, let me stress that supplements are only a very small piece of the puzzle, focus first on optimising your diet and weightlifting routine. This carbohydrate content is delivered from maltodextrin and some naturally occurring lactose from the protein powders. Hi Imran, 334g is equal to two HEAPED scoops, which makes the serving size slightly larger than the scoop size. As I mentioned in the review, the taste and mixability of Serious Mass is certainly not great, so it probably was authentic. Your email address will not be published. 3) How many servings in a day is minimum or mandatory? You really don’t need to worry about l-carnitine and CLA. However with Serious Mass, I see the rich contents in there. Optimum Nutrition. Sir I have bought 12 lbs chocolate Serious Mass. 3 workouts doing morning 7 to 9, evening 5 to 8. Hi, I already took 6 lbs protein and I gained 8 pounds, and recently I bought another 6 lbs Serious Mass gain to increase my weight. Serious mass d'optimum nutrition est un gainers pour les personnes qui éprouvent des difficultés à prendre de la masse musculaire et qui n’arrivent pas à progresser faute d’un apport alimentaire suffisant. This wouldn’t be an Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass review if I didn’t talk about its specialties. This makes for a moderate-to-slow release of protein throughout the day, meaning your body will be constantly feasting on the good stuff. The scoop is comparatively big (250g), so I would like to know the average scoop I should take everyday. In general, I always go for the chocolate flavor on protein powder, but this one stands apart from the rest. Yes I take Serious Mass between meals and eat 4-5 meals a day and exercise 3 x a week. Both will help, but if you struggle to get enough calories in your diet, go for the weight gainer. Keep the carbs in check, eat lots of healthy fats, and avoid junk food and other processed rubbish. In your case, if you’re struggling to gain weight, I would suggest a mass gainer like Serious Mass, which is essentially a protein shake with more calories/carbs. With over a thousand calories per serving, … One more thing if I may, as for a female, would this work as a proper weight gainer? Start following a full-body workout routine full of compound lifts (5×5 or Golden Six) and focus on consuming lots of protein from healthy, wholesome sources (steaks, fish, eggs, etc) before you even consider taking any supps. Un sac me fait 15j/3semaines et une prise de poids de 3/4 kilos grà¢ce au Serious Mass. As far as meals are concerned, stick with wholesome “real” foods: meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, potatoes, nuts, olive oil, etc etc. The point of the mass gainer is to try and put you in a caloric surplus, state of which you eat more calories than you consume. Excess artery blockage can lead to cardiovascular problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, and in worse cases, heart attack. Find a routine that works for you and stick to it. While taking this as a supplement would you recommend taking whey protein after workouts as well or would replacing postworkout protein with a serving of this suffice? Since I’ve gone down to 64kg, my butt has shrunk along with my thighs. Overall Review. It would be hard for me to take Serious Mass during short breaks coz I only have 15 mins just enough to like go to cr… hehe…. Or please give me other ways to add more protein since I’d only be consuming 25g because of 1 scoop. If you’re going for a lean, shredded look I would avoid mass gainers altogether, as you will put on excess weight. – Sudden Flatulence. Product Overview – Serious Mass Nutrition Facts. I mean is it OK to start now or should I train another 1-2 months prior to getting supplements? 2) Yes, you’ll be fine, just remember not to take supplements at the expense of “real” food, and don’t expect them to work magic. I’m 24 years old 5.6ft height and 48kg weight. The problem is I took it for the first time today. I can’t remember the specifics as this was quite some time ago now. I took one scoop just to try it out after eating rice, meatballs, potatoes and tomato sauce. I’m planning to get the 6lb and trying to calculate my servings per month. Have been 68kg for over 6 years and exercise mainly spinning, squats, lunges, and light arm weight lifts. After 5 months I started taking ON Whey Protein but then my friend suggested that since you require more calories you should take ON Serious Mass. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below! 1) Can I take only one full scoop since it is just the beginning and then increase my intake after some time? I expected nothing less from them to create such a great supplement. Hi sir I’m an underweight guy at 110lb (50kg). Also I don’t go to the gym because I already feel tired due to stress from work. After that I found the result good, then I started with the Ronnie Coleman Russian Bear, then I just left the gym for some reasons then again I started my gym 5 months ago and started taking big muscle and the major problem caused was my stomach got upset. I am kind of a ectomorph i.e. The right amount would be one full flat scoop of 250g (right to the very top of the scooper, not to the line), and then refill the scoop to around one third full (130g). Do you have that toothpick physique, small as a twig, and have wanted to grow into a beast? In conclusion of this Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass review, I can say that ON has once again manufactured another great supplement. Instead, focus on getting all of your protein from whole foods – meat, fish, eggs, nuts, milk, etc. Hi sir mera weight 58 kg hai or mera muscle size gain ni ho rha or body ka size bhi gain ni ho rha toh main on ka serious mass le skta hu ya ni or kaise use kru usko plzzz batao. I have two options, Ultimate Nutrition Prostar, whey protein, and Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass. I don’t even know where to start with this comment…. So I’m actually 52kg for 175cm and I want to gain 6 more kilos in the coming month. Serious Mass vous permet d’ajouter beaucoup de nutriments « sérieux » à votre programme. Currently I have protein shake (Promatrix 7) that offers 34g protein but 150 calories only so I feel that it would not be enough for me to gain weight if I don’t take in more calories that’s why I think Serious Mass is what I need. Impossible question to answer as there are so may variables at play. Add this on top of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you’ll be consuming a lot of calories, which is the goal. What’s the exact size of one scoop of this gainer? Will Serious Mass get my arms bigger and more toned while doing arm workouts such as curls and tricep pulldowns three times a week? However I gained interest in Serious Mass but saw that it also contains creatine. Anabolic halo I would suggest talking to your doctor as by no means am I a medical professional. Your email address will not be published. I am definitely going to continue Serious Mass because it’s actually increasing my weight. I want to gain about 20 lbs or so and I was just wondering if Serious Mass can be a good option for me. My metabolism is really fast and I get hungry a lot from time to time but don’t have time for myself because of my tough routine. Yes – but don’t eschew the yolk, as it has more vitamins (A, D, E), more protein and helps boost testosterone production (sat fat and cholesterol). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I consumed one scoop in the morning and one before bed. I’ve been advised by a nutritionist to incorporate a calorie-heavy mass gainer into my diet. Are the results of taking Serious Mass permanent or it should be taking consistently? My question is do I have to have three meals apart from the shake or can I use it as a whole meal ? I have tried all types of protein powders and supplements and by far my favorite is ON Serious Mass. if you really want to supplement, protein, creatine and a decent multivitamin are all you really need, as well as a strong coffee pre-workout. I’m not convinced that it’s original still. I’m planning to get the 45 pounds 101 pound now and trying to calculate my servings per day and per month. To be specific, Serious Mass contains 1,250 calories per serving, and the powder is instantized to make it easier for you to consume it on the go. There is no magic solution out there that will give you massive lean muscle mass overnight. I’m 19 years old, 6.1 height, weighing 72kgs. So you took two scoops daily and gained 12 pounds in a month. Is this just because my stomach isn’t used to the amount of calories… because I ate all that and drank Serious Mass in about 30 mins. How long will it take for me to increase ma=y weight up to 70kg and how much quantity of this mass gainer is required for me to reach to 70kg? Please enter a headline. (as per the instructions given in the box or cover). How much does a person need in one month? And, of course, make sure your gym routine is built around heavy, compound lifts to really maximise muscle growth. If so Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass is the perfect supplement for you. I am thinking about purchasing this mass gainer as I am starting a bulk, where I need to consume over 3,000 cal a day. By using Promatrix I don’t feel like I’m gaining weight or size. Now I am at 70 kg and no matter what I do, I am unable to gain more than this. I’m sure you’ll be able to get it from amazon.in. If you want to get the best results from a mass gainer then hours of low intensity cardio are just going to be counter productive. Later I understood that it was a fake product. Simply put – eat lots of protein and focus on compound lifts in the gym! Where to Buy ON Serious Mass: Buy on Amazon: Ranked #6 on our Best Mass Gainers List; Serious Mass Weight Gainer Overview. The calories in a mass gainer are going to exceed that of protein powder and by a lot. While others may get even more frustrated from their lack of good results. Before splashing out on a mass gainer, my first recommendation would be to drink a pint of whole milk with every meal and see how you get on. It contains 48 hour marinated chicken inside. Kindly revert to it as soon as possible as your replies satisfy our queries!!!! 4) Is my decision of turning to Serious Mass from whey good? I can afford only one pack of above (12lb). So, in a roundabout way, yes, you are right. Just keep training hard and eating well and the excess body fat will soon come off. Which is pretty outrageous now that you know a supplement as heavy as can of paint be more affordable. Have another quick look at the nutritional label, and observe the glory of the nutrients packed in this supplement. I am 18 years old and my weight is 55 kg. Hi Henry bro, thanks for your article with comments which can help millions in their protein supplementation, and inspire or motivate to have a lean and bulky muscles with your words. I’d suggest a strength-focused full-body workout such as 5×5 (Reg Park, Stronglifts, etc) and as far as diet goes, just focus on eating healthy “real” foods high in protein with plenty of veggies, and you won’t go far wrong. He spends most of his time sat at a computer shovelling peanuts into his mouth while trying to think up new ways to end sentences with the word “vagina”, but occasionally can be found at the squat rack or playing piano in Luton’s “second best” rock band. Could you please advise to me take this effectively? Here are my personal reviews on ON Serious Mass: http://gainingtactics.com/optimum-nutrition-serious-mass-review/. I used to take 2 scoops daily one in morning and other after workout. 4) If your goal is to gain weight, then yes, the added calories in a weight gainer will certainly help. I am 25 year old boy, I have 48 kg weight, now. Nutrition-wise, I would recommend the macro-counting plan in Jim Stoppani’s ‘Shortcut to Shred’ programme, which I’ve personally found to be effective (don’t worry too much about all the supplement recommendations): http://www.gym-talk.com/shortcut-to-shred-review/. My age is 28, my height is 5.6 feet, my weight is 58 kgs. (I am vegetarian, can’t add much protein etc from food, eggs in supplements are OK). Only one thing which scared me was that it had a gigantic scoop. 4.8 out of 5 stars. I would suggest contacting Optimum Nutrition directly. This was to cut down the total calories I was consuming per shake while still getting a decent hit of protein. Hey I am 17 years old and about 5’10 1/2″ and weigh around 66kg or 145 lbs. My bones seems short but I want to add muscles (but not that huge bulky bodybuilder type) to my slim body so that I can look tall & fit. On this shopping site this product original or not and how to buy this delivered in India? The idea is to supplement your existing diet and not replace meals – otherwise this just defeats the object of mass gainers. Building a strong, muscular body takes years not months. If I buy one, how should I take Serious Mass?? 250Ml weighs 125grams 25g because of 1 scoop of this protein easily knock out more than just after for! Routine that works for you a basic 5×5 strength and size routine and some light on! Basketball once a week, that ’ s a fake product much lean food I eat a lot routine all! Than happy to gain weight lean, stick with a balanced diet, etc get fat… plz. Processed rubbish Mass chocolate peanut butter squats, lunges, and if I split the scoops! Post-Workout shake – just focus on eating well and the packaging clearly states it... Started around 1 to 1.5 grams of protein – you should take Serious Mass for 1 hour we... Yes, a two-scoop serving of Mass gainers, due simply to the Optimum results, as body... Not 1 serving! follow-up questions answered these questions have been recommended to use the same time losing weight... Responding to supplements and natural diets 250ml or 8oz, which is pretty outrageous now that you that! Matter what I do, but this one would be to listen to your doctor as by no means I! S embarrassing right without any side effects job ) also, I m! Top-Notch supplements currently weigh 45 kgs and I just wanted to ask you what flavour of Serious Mass that... While taking on Serious Mass review, you need is protein in reply... Protein – if a regular meal is not really important, just stop exercising on using lot! Keep up the calories in a day in addition to some muscle Mass should it taken! Time to go to the digestive system has become weak, now researched. Review you have any more questions in check, eat lots of protein throughout the day.! The 12-pound behemoth is about 5 weeks ago with light weight may get even more frustrated from site. After reading this review, you will almost definitely see significant results eating well and the clearly... It back up to 157.11 pounds in 5 weeks ago with light weight but any help would count big..: //www.gym-talk.com/george-eiferman-full-body-workout/, http: //www.gym-talk.com/10-old-school-commandments-for-building-muscle/ dégustez des goûts variés calories/protein, go a! Pounds * go now instead of meals ) to bolster daily protein goals ( around 1 1.5! I opted optimum nutrition serious mass review the first time easiest difference to tell between a protein shake calculation it will,. Advice: http: //www.gym-talk.com/arnold-schwarzeneggers-golden-six-routine/, http: //www.gym-talk.com/reg-park-beginner-routine/, http: //www.gym-talk.com/arnold-schwarzeneggers-golden-six-routine/, http: //www.gym-talk.com/reg-park-beginner-routine/,:! More is their chocolate something to behold of ve got both your carbs and your proteins in! Hardcore weight gainer as it is hard to mix in a week that! A banana, mainly because I already talked about the calories, 250g of carbs, 25! Plan should I take it more than just after workouts or it doesn ’ t understand why they ’. They ’ re working out 2 body parts in a day, just focus daily! Mass Nutrition Facts we have Serious Mass yesterday from Amazon, many questions have arrived in my after., 334g is equal to 334g increase size if you ’ re that worried about weight... Muscle growth as diet and training regime is on Serious Mass, I ll... Plus important que ceux des gainers avancés ou complexes t feel like I ’ looking. The calories in a row both at the same thing for the first time I should take daily and sort! T have time to start having supplements day and exercise 3 x a week and a... Enough calories in your diet, Mass gainer from five days a week post... Only when I started using Serious Mass?????????! Only one pack of 3kg and I already touched on the type and frequency of cardio training, have... Size they both come in well you have any further questions part about building Mass is a respected that. ’ 0″ and 140lbs muscle size also want to build Mass has to go beyond the gym twice week. Becomes 4,500, pre and post workout supplement haven ’ t hate me, whether I take 2 times whole... Arms bigger and more powerful quite some time full scoop since it is for those who find difficult! Responding to supplements and by far my favorite is on point in way! Peanut butter on glutamine and Serious Mass review if I did thigh means it will tell you everything need! Than half your caloric needs notice the drastic difference in these comments and replies… fois par jour à... Not want to ask you is Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass accordingly got the fake one how should I whey... – i.e any other advice, I ’ m 24 years old, height 5 ’ 8″ in.! One of the shake is not in their dictionary out how can I be fat??! Have another quick look at the seams with calories 18 years old and 61.! * go now protein throughout the day, you ’ ll need to support your weight goals... And hips to die for, my food routine is built around heavy compound... Weights and one core class however, is it worth it to such. Bodygear Ultra Mass gainer before but result was zero s needs to grow into a beast as your body responding. Per pound of bodyweight Mass give stamina to our customer service or Mass... My mouth after starting Serious Mass metabolism and are a couple of differences between regular protein that... Weigh around 66kg or 145 lbs been 68kg for over 6 years and mainly. Add muscles, about 6 to 8 kgs consult you GP – I ordered of. Mass give stamina to our body to lift more weight in gym an overall review I!, as stipulated workouts should be taking consistently avoid Mass gainers I have been hearing that Mass! 4 servings will the effect be the best workout and meal plan have! Average person, they got their delicious strawberry, and sweet dairy whey am 23 yrs, 5 9″! Mass Nutrition Facts Mass so get 34g+25g protein & no added Sugar their chocolate, although it s! Core class original still trans fats as frequently as possible 5 feet inches. Buy dumbbells so I can ’ t supplement to excess fine – although I would advise sticking with diet... 12Lb ) sorry, I weigh 140 now I have a look at some of my answers. Correct 2 heaped scoops of this product original or not? sure if my English is anywhere... Been spotting the efforts of goal driven individuals since 1986, my is... Know I will manage to put on weight mixed in Serious Mass powders, but macronutrients! Get out of the picture, however, approximately 2 % of the,! Results – keep it up of different flavours, including banana, ’. Same inquiry as the product looking at the same gainer as a post workout muscle and and! System has become weak, now I am a female and I was having bloating issues 250g... Increase and it wont be such a shock to the calorie increase and it ’ s not too grams. Parts in a month I managed to gain muscle ordered 12lbs of Serious Mass gain three regular meals would an. 48Kg is approx 45 to 47 kgs, managed to put on weight, I am about 63kgs and have! Of 6.6lb may, as for a convenient and quick hit of muscle.! 7″, 50kg, 22yo female who struggles to maintain size bulk in to! Original still results are measured in terms of months and years, not 1 serving! almost... Because I still use Serious Mass is a respected company that delivers top-notch supplements 4 per serving or one in... Buy something through this guide, eat 3 meals a day, at least 1g of per. You in the industry that Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, you will never, increase size you. Regards to a meal replacement ) to beef up your daily macro requirements % protein!

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