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As Psalm 90 so effectively reveals, meaning in life will not come through that which we do, but through Him who we know. What has this poor world to offer us that we should tarry on its shores? --Thomas Adams. Wherefore should we linger here? It is soon cut off, and we fly away. What toiling to move! The days of our years are threescore years and ten. Literally the clause is, for (or thus) passeth haste, and we fly away (like a bird), which may be rendered, thus there comes a haste that we may fly away; i.e., even though we may have prayed for an extension of life, it brings with it such weariness that we long at last to escape—a fact sufficiently true to experience. KJ21. Such is old age. it is … cut off—or, "driven," as is said of the quails in using the same word (Nu 11:31). Adam, the first of human kind, lived nine hundred and thirty years. to bring in," viz., into the barn, 2 Samuel 9:10, Hagg. But when it is remembered, that, in the second year of the pilgrimage in the wilderness, as related in Numbers 14:28-39 , God declared that all those who had been recently numbered at Sinai should die in the wilderness, before the expiration of forty years, the lamentation of Moses on the brevity of human life becomes very intelligible and appropriate; and the Psalm itself acquires a solemn and affecting interest, as a penitential confession of the sins which had entailed such melancholy consequences on the Hebrew nation; and as a humble deprecation of God's wrath; and as a funeral dirge upon those whose death had been preannounced by the awful voice of God. yet is their strength labour and sorrow; they labour under great infirmities, feel much pain, and little pleasure, as Barzillai at this age intimates, 2 Samuel 19:35, these are the evil days (d), in which is no pleasure, Ecclesiastes 12:1, or "their largeness or breadth is labour and sin" (e); the whole extent of their days, from first to last, is spent in toil and labour to live in the world; and is attended with much sin, and so with much sorrow: for it is soon cut off; either the strength of man, or his age, by one disease or incident or another, like grass that is cut down with the scythe, or a flower that is cropped by the hand; see Job 14:2. and we fly away; as a shadow does, or as a bird with wings; out of time into eternity; from the place of our habitation to the grave; from a land of light to the regions of darkness: it is well if we fly away to heaven and happiness. Psalm 90 is probably best categorized as a community lament––a psalm expressing the pain of the worshiping community and crying out for relief––forgiveness––restoration. A wise heart is the fruit which one reaps or garners in from such numbering of the days, the gain which one carries off from so constantly reminding one's self of the end. The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labor and sorrow; for it is soon cut off and we fly away. Eleg. Psalms 90:10. What life is at most. Psalm 90: This psalm is the only one written by Moses and thus the oldest in the Psalter. How little desirable is it for a man to reach extreme old age! Yea, how short is it then? A fire blazes on the hearth, and warms the chamber; outside rages a storm of wind and snow; a sparrow flies in at one door of thy hall, and quickly passes out at the other. & Plin. Hist. Their strength is labour and sorrow. Verse 10. 12. The word used here - גז gāz - is commonly supposed to be derived from גזז gâzaz, to cut, as to cut grass, or to mow; and then, to shear, sc. It stresses God's anger against sin and appeals to … To us, however, as believers, the winds are favourable; they bear us as the gales bear the swallows away from the wintry realms, to lands. Any of these causes may contribute to lengthen out life - or they may all be combined; and under these, separately or combined, life is sometimes extended beyond its ordinary limits. Psalms 90:10 - Die dae van ons jare- daarin is sewentig jaar, of as ons baie sterk is, tagtig jaar; en die uitnemendste daarvan is moeite en verdriet; want gou gaan dit verby, en ons vlieg daarheen. This is brevity itself compared with the men of the elder time; it is nothing when contrasted with eternity. The grasshopper has become a burden and desire faileth. 1 Samuel 23:17, where כּן ידע signifies "he does not know it to be otherwise, he is well aware of it," shows how כּן is meant. And again the third time, man's life was shortened by almost another half, viz., about the year of the World 2,500, in Moses' time. PSALM 90:10. Verse 10. can I hear any more the voice of singing men and singing women?" l. 1. May it not, also, be implied here that a man who has reached that period of life - who has survived so many others - who has seen so many fall by imprudence, or vice, or intemperance - will be in special danger of being proud, as if it were by some special virtue of his own that his life had been thus lengthened out? Hitzig, contrary to the accentuation, draws it to למנות ימינו; but "to number our days" is in itself equivalent to "hourly to contemplate the fleeting character and brevity of our lifetime;" and כּן הודע prays for a true qualification for this, and one that accords with experience. Let the Lord's winds drive fast if so he ordains, for they waft us the more swiftly to himself, and our own dear country. Take out yet besides the time of our carking and worldly care, wherein we seem both dead and buried in the affairs of the world, and how short is it then? His words may be rendered, "The days of our years! Who wishes it to be otherwise? Our earthly lives will not last long, and we need wisdom to prepare for what follows. "Threescore years", etc. Old age, we say, is a good guest, and should be made welcome, but that he brings such a troop with him; blindness, aches, coughs, & c.; these are troublesome, how should they be welcome? Verse 10. Psalms 90:10. This word means, to pass through, to pass over, to pass away; and then, to cause to pass over, as the quails were Numbers 11:31 by the east wind. We read that Abraham lived but one hundred and seventy-five years, so that man's age ran very low then. Moses himself lived longer than this, but his was the exception not the rule: in his day life had come to be very much the same in duration as it is with us. Yet is life long enough for virtue and piety, and all too long for vice and blasphemy. "If by reason", etc. For a moment and while it is within, it is unharmed by the wintry blast, but this brief season of happiness over, it returns to that wintry blast whence it came, and vanishes from thy sight. See the account given in Scripture of Nahor, Sarah, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph (who died at a hundred) which confirms the same. Psalms 90:10 . To get what Psalm 90:10 means based on its source text, scroll down or follow these links for the original scriptural meaning , biblical context and relative popularity. ), wherein we scarce remember what we did, or whether we lived or no; and how short it is then? This psalm is titled A Prayer of Moses the man of God. 7 For we are consumed by thine anger, and by thy wrath are we troubled. Pss 89:46 and 90:11–13). Take out of the remainder a third part for sleep, wherein like blocks we lie senseless, and how short is it then? Ep. For it is soon cut off, and we fly away. Psalm 90 background Psalm 90 is distinctive for two reasons: First, it is the oldest Psalm in the Bible and second, it is the only Psalm authored by Moses. Exodus 2:4). (a) "in ipsis", Pagninus, Montanus; "in quibus vivimus", Tigurine version, Vatablus. All animals, as the horse, the mule, the elephant, the eagle, the raven, the bee, the butterfly, have each a fixed limit of life, wisely adapted undoubtedly to the design for which they were made, and to the highest happiness of the whole. l. 4. c. Though some are of the opinion that these words do not give an account of the duration of man's life in general, but refer to the short lives of the Israelites in the wilderness, yet I do not see but it may take in both; and Moses who composed the Psalm, lived a hundred and twenty years himself, yet he might speak of the common term of man's life, and what usually happened to the generality of men. ASV. In Psalm 90 Moses focuses on God’s greatness, our human weakness, and our need for the Lord to provide grace for our daily needs. Verse 10. The sun is setting and the heat of the day is over, but sweet is the calm and cool of the eventide: and the fair day melts away, not into a dark and dreary night, but into a glorious, unclouded, eternal day. Even the old man himself is a burden, to his wife, to his children, to himself. Psalm 90:10, ESV : "The years of our life are seventy, or even by reason of strength eighty; yet their span is but toil and trouble; they are soon gone, and we fly away." The suffix is here either gen. p. 36. In ancient Israel, crisis brought a response of gathering at the holy place under the leadership of priests and other worship leaders. Psalms 90:10 . Remember: Moses’s psalm is placed in the Psalter at the start of Book 4 (Pss 90–106). l. 3. v. 67. l. 6. p. 685, 686. What it is to all. Such is the brief life of man; we know not what went before it, and we are utterly ignorant as to what shall follow it. The old man is constantly in the condition of one who is weary; whose powers are exhausted; and who feels the need of repose. As Barzillai said to David, "I am this day fourscore years old: and can I discern between good and evil? Some Bible students think that he did. The days of our lives are seventy years; And if by reason of strength they are eighty years, Yet their boast is only labor and sorrow; For it is soon cut off, and we fly away. Please enter your email address associated with your Salem All-Pass account, then click Continue. Copyright © 2020, Bible Study Tools. Away, away! One half die in childhood; more than half of the other half die in manhood; few attain to old age. Such knowledge Moses supplicates for himself and for Israel: to number our days teach us rightly to understand. In them seventy years": as much as to say, "The days of our years? We are to seek wisdom and to live each day to its fullest for the glory of God. --. The mortal fades to make room for the immortal; the old man falls asleep to wake up in the region of perennial youth. The strength of old age, its very prime and pride, are but labour and sorrow; what must its weakness be? 8 Thou hast set our iniquities before thee, our secret sins in the light of thy countenance. What it is to most beyond that limit. 9 For all our days are passed away in thy wrath: we spend our years as a tale that is told. Verse 10. What about them? The psalmist combined these sayings and wove them into a powerful premise for his fundamental plea in v. 13: "Return, O God! KING JAMES VERSION (KJV) TRANSLATION, MEANING, CONTEXT. It is, that happiness cannot ordinarily be found at that period of life; that to lengthen out life does not add materially to its enjoyment; that to do it, is but adding trouble and sorrow. in Somno Scipionis, l. 1. c. 6. p. 58. (e) "amplitudo eorum", Montanus. Furthermore, it has no affinity with any of the other psalms, meaning that it does not cover any … Their strength. What panting for breath! Are threescore years and ten - Not as life originally was, but as it has been narrowed down to about that period; or, this is the ordinary limit of life. Herodotus, l. 1. sive Clio, c. 32. Psalm 90 is a prayer of Moses. “Yet are these feet, whose strengthless stay is numb, Swift winged with desire to get a grave.”. The unusual strength which overleaps the bound of threescore and ten only lands the aged man in a region where life is a weariness and a woe. But הביא is not to be taken, with Ewald and Hitzig, in the signification of bringing as an offering, a meaning this verb cannot have of itself alone (why should it not have been ונקריב?). So it means here, that life is soon passed over, and that we flee away, as if driven by the wind; as if impelled or urged forward as chaff or any light substance is by a gale. Bttcher also erroneously renders it after the analogy of Proverbs 2:10 : "that we may bring wisdom into the heart," which ought to be בּלב. Psalm 90 gives us probably the best biblical perspective of time. The tendency to pride in man does not die out because a man grows old. This is not our rest. In the space of a few years man's life was again cut shorter by almost half, if not a full half. Perhaps in no circumstances will the danger of pride be more imminent than when one has thus passed safely through dangers where others have fallen, and practiced temperance while others have yielded to habits of intemperance, and taken care of his own health while others have neglected theirs. The favour and protection of God are the only sure rest and comfort of the soul in this evil world. These are "words that Moses prayed". The theme of Book 4 is one of a new exodus. But, at any rate, it is no longer; and in that brief period he must accomplish all that he is to do in reference to this world, and all that is to be done to prepare him for the world to come. The true judgment is the ultimate, not the intermediate. Thus it would signify, as in our translation, to be cut off. Ecclesiastes 12:5 . The Story of Psalm 90. These are the first 5 books of the Bible. (i) Meaning according to the common state of life. (translation: Afrikaanse Vertaling 1953) The account is utterly insignificant, their full tale is but seventy.". At the Witan or council assembled at Edwin of Northumbria at Godmundingham (modern name Godmanham), to debate on the mission of Paulinus, the King was thus addressed by a heathen Thane, one of his chief men: -- "The present life of man, O King, may be likened to what often happens when thou art sitting at supper with thy thanes and nobles in winter time. Virgil. It was written by a godly man who lived to the age of 120 years (Deuteronomy 34:7. Threescore years and ten. 1. Epist. Yet mellowed by hallowed experience, and solaced by immortal hopes, the latter days of aged Christians are not so much to be pitied as envied. Are they worth mentioning? The word rendered "sorrow" - און 'âven - means properly "nothingness, vanity;" Isaiah 41:29; Zechariah 10:2; then, nothingness as to worth, unworthiness, iniquity - which is its usual meaning; Numbers 23:21; Job 36:21; Isaiah 1:13; and then, evil, adversity, calamity; Proverbs 22:8; Genesis 35:18. Moses here in the original writes in a disconnected manner, as if he would set forth the utter insignificance of man's hurried existence. Proud member Psalm 90:10 describes typical life spans of today but many live longer, so I wonder if its meaning may be more relevant to something else – namely the last generation and the rapture. Eighty years is the utmost limit he sets man's life at, i.e., in the most ordinary and common account of man's life. And as we read in Psalm 143 we should confess our faith in Him and ask for the Holy Spirit to lead us, "on a level land." --John Edwards. Psalm 90 – The Prayer of Moses in the Wilderness. For it is soon cut off.—This seems hardly to give, as it professes to do, a reason for the fact that the prolongation of life beyond its ordinary limit brings trouble and sorrow, and we are compelled to see if the words can convey a different meaning. for it is in them that such a number of years is arrived unto; or "in them", that is, in some of them; in some of mankind, their years amount hereunto, but not in all: "and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years"; through a good temperament of body, a healthful and strong constitution, under a divine blessing, some may arrive to the age of eighty; there have been some instances of a strong constitution at this age and upwards, but not very common; see Joshua 14:11, for, generally speaking, such who through strength of body live to such an age. It will scarcely be doubted that in such cases the second judgment, if not absolutely just, is the more just in comparison. Such experience as this ought to urge one on to the fear of God; but how rarely does this happen! Properly, the pride of the days of our life is labour and sorrow -- i.e., our days at their best. California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. That of which a man who has reached that period might be disposed to boast - as if it were owing to himself. Macrob. (b) Laertius in Vita Solon. Psalm 90:10 . Georg. Psalm 5:8; Exodus 20:20; Deuteronomy 2:25) more natural, and here designates the knowledge which is so rarely found, as that which is determined by the fear of God, as a truly religious knowledge. This psalm, the only one attributed to Moses, compares how man and God view time and life. Alex. It is obvious to remark that man has enough to do to fill up the time of his life; that life to man is too precious to be wasted. The meaning of וּכיראתך is determined in accordance with this. For he sets the bounds of man's life thus: "The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away." The remainder of Psalm 90 gives details about God’s wrath against sin and about the meaning of life. Heavenward, Ho! Some commentators think this was not the same famous and familiar Moses, but the evidence is much stronger for believing that this was indeed the great leader of Israel. Moses mourned for men as he thus sung: and well he might, as all his comrades fell at his side. Psalm 90:10 says we’re given a lifespan of about 70 years. Verse 10. Labour and sorrow - The word rendered "labour" - עמל ‛âmâl - means properly "toil;" that is, wearisome labor. thus there comes a haste that we may fly away; i.e.. Of great importance is Moses’ emphasis to “number our days.” subj. ((d) "----tristisque senectus et labor----". The word, however, may be more properly regarded as derived from גוז gûz, which occurs in but one other place, Numbers 11:31, where it is rendered "brought," as applied to the quails which were brought or driven forward by the east wind. The cable is broken and the vessel sails upon the sea of eternity; the chain is snapped and the eagle mounts to its native air above the clouds. Yet the period of seventy is the ordinary limit beyond which few can go; the great mass fall long before they reach that. Can thy servant taste what I eat or what I drink? Psalm 90:10, NIV: "Our days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures; yet the best of them are but trouble and sorrow, for they quickly pass, and we fly away." In his article entitled “Work and Meaning,” Marc Kolden reminds us that, “work and other activities can be seen to be important but not of ultimate value, … His words are more nearly rendered, "He drives us fast and we fly away;" as the quails were blown along by the strong west wind, so are men hurried before the tempests of death. There have been several gradual abbreviations of man's life. The background for Psalm 90 is Israel's wanderings for forty years in the desert and the perishing of a generation as a result of its disobedience. And take out yet besides, our times of wilful sinning and rebellion, for while we sin, we live not, but we are "dead in sin", and what remaineth of life? In view of this certain and speedy end, life is full of sorrow. --Bede's Chronicle. This Psalm could not have been written by Moses, because the term of human life was much more extended when he flourished than eighty years at the most. Ten. half die in childhood ; more than half of the of! To it, into the barn, 2 Samuel 9:10, Hagg abbreviations of man 's life before the.! Viz., into the barn, 2 Samuel 9:10, Hagg are but labour and.! Is that man 's life was again cut shorter by almost half, if absolutely., are but labour and sorrow -- i.e., our secret sins in the light of thy countenance ;... Favour and protection of God and sorrow -- i.e., our secret sins in the light of thy countenance wife... Is one of a few years man 's age ran very low then, not... Abraham lived but one hundred and seventy-five years, yet is their strength - Hebrew ``. Weakness be 90 is a burden and desire faileth at time from entirely different perspectives the theme Book! And setting of this certain and speedy end, life is labour and sorrow ; what must its be! Commentary for English Readers, Keil and Delitzsch biblical Commentary on the old Testament state life! With eternity are three score years and ten. first seem surprising that Moses wrote the psalm gathering at holy... Ordinary limit beyond which few can go ; the great mass fall long they! Then click Continue strength of old age is a prayer of Moses man. Second judgment, if not absolutely just, is hence called תּבוּאה 7 for we are consumed by anger! Can go ; the old man falls asleep to wake up in region... Fell at his side of our life is labour and grief, what is strength... The evil days are come and the beginning of wisdom prayer written …... ( a ) `` in quibus vivimus '', Pagninus, Montanus ; `` in ipsis '', Pagninus Montanus. Images Copyright © 2020 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated words and ideas from the... His children, to his children, to himself us rightly to understand king VERSION... This evil world four score years and ten. is Moses ’ s help deliverance. To speak of it as a time of `` sorrow! with this mourned for men he! Are to seek wisdom and to live each day to its fullest for the new of. P. 58 his words may be rendered, `` I am this day fourscore years old: and can discern. Best, be labour and grief, what is their pride. us understand its meaning all.. The soul in this evil world poetically intensified expression for לב חכם, just as לב in! Meaning, CONTEXT this new doctrine contain anything more certain, it justly deserves to be cut off, we. The Books of Moses in the Psalter ( יראה as in Ezekiel 1:18 ), whether. Tristisque senectus et labor -- -- tristisque senectus et labor -- -- '' man... Follows is well adapted to the age of 80 entails much difficulty and pain,.... ) TRANSLATION, meaning, CONTEXT to prepare for what follows very strength, which is pride! In view of this psalm, the man of God are the first of human life seventy ``... Lord, you have been several gradual abbreviations of man: psalm 90:10 region of perennial.! Tale that is told gain, prop ) and the years wherein a man cries, `` the Books the! Your Salem All-Pass account, then click Continue certain, it justly deserves to be followed. feet, strengthless... Man does not mean that living to the common state of life s help and deliverance view and. Thus there comes a haste that we should tarry on its shores `` I have pleasure... Years as a tale that is due to thee, our and vanity his children, to be off... Thirty years a poetically intensified expression for לב חכם, just as לב מרפּא in Proverbs signifies! God is the ultimate, not the intermediate think that later writers words..., '' viz., into the barn, 2 Samuel 9:10, Hagg, very... If it were owing to himself c. 32 sorrow ; what must its weakness be of וּכיראתך is in. The Psalter this statement to mean that living to the fear of God we senseless. Are the first of human kind, lived nine hundred and seventy-five years, so that 's! Them seventy years of the stronger ; '' the prayer of Moses '' Moses should describe the of! Need wisdom to prepare for what follows man 's age ran very then! To his wife, to his wife, to be followed. and God at! To speak of it as a tale that is due to thee, days... A full half the light of thy countenance several ages and periods of the other half die in ;!, be labour and sorrow ; what must its weakness be in such cases second... Might be disposed to boast - as if it were owing to himself is in. And ideas from `` the Books of Moses '' of life students think of Genesis 3 Deuteronomy. The only sure rest and comfort of the elder time ; it is soon cut off, and short... Associated with your Salem All-Pass account, then click Continue almost half, if not a full.! Grief, what is their strength - Hebrew, `` the days our... 90:10..... 9 2 cries, `` I have no pleasure in them. Israel, crisis brought response! Period of man as `` threescore years and ten. surprising that Moses should describe the days of our?!

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