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Cho Renai Party Game Tanjo on eBay. Here you will find details for thousands of classic C64 games, plus a lot of rare games not available anywhere else on the net.We let our users comment and rate the games! RARE PSI-5 PSI 5 TRADING COMPANY COMMODORE C64 GAME BY ACCOLADE 1985. Those are also the ones I haven’t really played yet, but that’s a longer story. Hi, my name's Robby and I'm a Commodore Geek. The box itself can self for a few hundred dollars, but the plushie adds at least $1500 to $2000.  Not bad… not bad at all. The C64 enjoyed several advantages over its rivals: 1. So much so, that collectors are willing to go well above the Euro/Dollar 100 mark for a good copy.  One other such notorious game is the Great Giana Sisters, that most of you will know, was pulled from the store shelves once Nintendo got wind of it being a bit too similar to their flagship plumber’s game: Mario. The actual rarest game on C-64 ought to be these (lots of) games which were promised for c-64 but never delivered. Get a nice roundup of new retro gaming content once or twice a month. This party game from Hudson Soft can also be considered a bishōjo game (dating simulator). 20 20. 007 Car Chase. Vintage BASIC Games: Commodore 64. 1943: The Battle of Midway. ), I thought it would be a nice idea to find out which are the rarest and most expensive Commodore 64 games out there. 6. And I will be forever grateful for that! Snowboard Kids 2 has climbed the rankings since our last guide revision, but it has been much more of a gradual increase (especially for loose carts) compared to the likes of Stunt Racer 64 and Super Bowling. These best Commodore 64 games landed the console among the top machines at the time. Even though the Worms franchise is quite popular on the PC, the N64 version didn’t get much attention when released. Broaden your horizons by digging deeper into different types of games. Back in 2010, when it was king of the mountain, it was only commanding $50 for a loose cart and $120 for a boxed copy. We at C64.COM aim to save and store an important part of the history of those who played a part in the active era of the Commodore 64. I stumbled upon a collection of N64 games when I was working at a thrift store (I was a broke undergrad). And we all know by now that minty cardboard boxes of rare games keep rising in value. SYS 49152 was the most common of those oddball commands. Yeah, I totally understand. Collect the best games without spending much money. £1.50 postage. We see a lot of loose cartridges surface on eBay, but boxed and complete copies are pretty hard to come by. Game Name : Strip Poker, extremely rare and unique C64/C128 Game. The figures on their own can often sell for a couple hundred dollars for a pair. I’m not certain how I feel about this list . It went for over £900…. as did US Gold) and vice versa. With the recent news (that made the press worldwide) of the NES Family Fun Fitness: Stadium Events game that was bought for $8 at a thrift store and potentially reaching a staggering 30K on a GameGavel.com auction (it’s already at 12K! Years later, it is one of the hardest games to find and is still very fun. RARE MIX JOB LOT Of 6 Games Commodore 64 C64 128 CASSETTE GAMES . Prior to 1982 (ish) CP/M was THE operating system. For example, I can remember that an Atari game called “Dimension X” was supposed to be scheduled for the c-64. A platformer that only scrolled horizontally wasn’t exactly the trendy thing in 1999, but no more gamers appreciate the setup — especially on a beloved platform that didn’t get many of these types of games. Superman: Man of Steel - Commodore 64 Commodore Business Machines. Make the most of your games and hardware with some creative ideas. Commodore 64 #30. 2-D Cube. Pirates! Hmm — on ebay.co.uk, it looks like boxed copies have been selling for £50- £60 shipped. It’s not a huge secret that most third-party games (other than some sports and racing games) weren’t especially successful. However, since a lot of owners of the game either didn’t really know about the trade-in or didn’t want to take the effort of mailing in their original cartridge, there wasn’t a lot of people that ended up getting these grey carts. But surely, these cannot be the top prices people pay for Commodore games, so on with the search to find the holy grail of Commodore games. Over time, however, the Starcraft name brought collectors back around in the aftermarket. 3 offers from $501.18 #31. There are a handful of N64 games that had a special retail version that came with extra goodies such as a toy, shirt, or other goody. The actual rarest game on C-64 ought to be these (lots of) games which were promised for c-64 but never delivered. Prices for all 507 C64 Games, accessories and consoles. Enjoy your stay! That’s not to say this piece hasn’t appreciated greatly in that time. Besides being one of the most amusing video games of the 1980's, Maniac Masion sported excellent graphics, multiple characters and pathways, and multiple endings. 5th Gear. If you think you’ll enjoy them, at least wait until you play them (unless you lose interest) and then make the decision to see if they would make a good part of your long-term collection , another title to add the pal treasures list is San Francisco Rush 2049 it is very hard to find boxed and the cart only goes for a fair bit more then half the cart only titles mentioned here. Loose copies started selling in excess of $100 and complete copies getting into their current levels. 4. Usually rare games were really famous/popular (everyone had copy) or really bad, nobody wanted.. I have kaleth on floppy and no one I’ve spoke has ever seen it before on floppy not even gaming museums so must be very rare, Where would someone get rid of a game like castles of dr. The only release that exists is the US one on disk by Muse Software. Do you know of any other rare/highly priced C64 games? The best game for the Commodore 64 is Maniac Mansion. Ready to relive the exitement of playing those good old games on your Commodore 64 computer? Explore the best games that usually go unnoticed. CP/M is an acronym for Control Program for Microcomputers and a re-written version of it became MS DOS. But it’s still in the box! Check for Worms Armageddon on eBay

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